Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Change of Project in Mid-Stride

Change of Project in Mid-Stride
Have you ever started a project and in the middle of it you get sidetracked into something else? Well, that just happened to me.

My poor rose beds need weeding big time and I've been putting it off. So today I decided to start. Well, 3 rose bushes in (there are 10) I hit a Yellowdock plant and when I tried to pull it out I found that the root was about an inch thick! Damn!

So I started digging trying to get to the bottom of it, thinking it would be a short sidetrack from the main project. Yeah, right. The more I dug the more determined I got to literally, "get to the bottom of it". Forty-five minutes later I have this:

This thing, root only, is 14" long! Not sure what I'll do with it. I really don't want to cut it up. So I'll let it dry and figure it out later. The root splits at the bottom, so it may make an interesting Root Dollbaby....hmmm, I guess we'll see. Might be interesting to combine this Yellowdock root with the Datura root I dried a last year:

These two look like they'd make a great pair! Lord Rumex & Lady Datura!

Digging this fucker up wore my ass out - I'm done for the day! Besides, lucky for me, it's started raining! LOL

Common Name: Yellowdock
Latin Name: Rumex crispus
Other Names: Curled Dock, Curly Dock, Dock, Garden Patience, Rumex, Sour Dock
Magickal Attributes: Business, Fertility to conceive, Healing, Luck, Money, Prosperity
Other Uses: Anemia, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-tumor, Astringent, Blood purifier, Boils, Detoxifier, Diuretic, Hepatitis, Immune stimulant, Increases platelets, Itching, Jaundice, Liver, Lymphatic system enhancer, Spleen re-builder, Ulcers
Gender: M
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Deities: N/A

Common Name: Datura
Latin Name: Datura spp.
Other Names: Angel's Trumpet, Angel Tulip, Apple-of-Peru, Devil Weed, Devil's Apple, Devil’s Cucumber, Devil's Trumpet, Estramonio, Ghost Flower, Green Dragon, Gypsyweed, Hell’s Bells, Herb of the Devil, Inferno, Jamestown Weed, Loco Seeds, Locoweed, Mad Apple, Moonflower, Moon Weed, Pricklyburr, Sorcerer’s Herb, Stechapfel, Stinkweed, Stramoine, Thornapple, Thornapple Leaf, Tolguacha, Trumpet Lily, Witch’s Thimble, Yerba del Diablo, Zombie's Cucumber  
Magickal Attributes: Divination, Dreamwork, Flying ointment, Hexing, Hex-breaking, Protection, Sleep
Other Uses: POISON: Do NOT ingest, Ritual use ONLY! Hallucinogenic, Narcotic: Anodyne, Antispasmodic, Asthma, Earache, Heart disorders, Pupil dilation
Gender: F
Element: Water
Deities: Venus

Source: A Witch's Book of Correspondences 2007 by Viktorija Briggs

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