Sunday, April 1, 2012

Follow Up on Sugar Love Spell

Well, it's now Day 7 and 2 days ago I felt that I should I only do this 7 days not 9. So, today is the final day. When I went in to light the new candle I felt a blockage. Not a strong one, but that something was definitely not moving as it had been. I wondered about my sudden decision 2 days ago to only go the 7 days as well. What was up?

When my son came online I messaged him through Skype and asked how everyone and everything was going. He picks up my grandson this afternoon. He's been having a great time during Spring Break visiting his mother & siblings in GA, spending the last 2 days in Jacksonville Beach. When asked about how "other things" were going he just replied that he wasn't moving and didn't want to talk about it. What ever it is, totally understandable. So, now I know where the blockages were coming from.

So I will end the ritual today, but I will not discard the Sugar Love Spell jar. That will stay on the Love Altar doing what it needs to for either bringing them together or "sweetening" his life so someone else may come in. He tends to be a bit of an obstinate hard-ass where relationships (all, not just romantic) are concerned, so I will continue sending all a mother can, including a spellwork or two, to help make his life a happy one.


  1. Thank you! And thank you for the link to your site. I've also added it to the list on the bottom right "Blogs I Like".