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My Seven Ray Rosary and A View on Pagans & Jesus

My Seven Ray Rosary and A View on Pagans & Jesus
So many Pagans scream that there is not, nor can ever be, a "Christian Witch". What they fail (or want) to realize is that Hoodoo/Rootwork/Conjurers are Christian. Santeria is Christian-based. Pow-Wowers are Christian. And there are others, but these are the most notable here in the United States.

I've found that so many Pagans are adamant that they are the only ones who actually commune with the Divine due to their belief and acceptance in all Gods. However, they are bigoted in their view because they refuse to see that Jesus is one of those Gods. Believing in Jesus as the Savior of Man is Christian. Believing in Jesus as a prophet, God, Divine Being is all-encompassing. To single out one Deity just because you have a prejudice toward that religion is petty and quite hypocritical.

When Christians see a Pagan celebrating a "Christian" holiday, such as Easter, which is coming this weekend, they get all up in arms that they're trying to "steal" their holiday. Well, first of all, it isn't "their holiday". In fact, the Christian Church "stole" it from the Pagans, adapting it to fit their own agenda and beliefs. There's nothing wrong with that as it's how social change, growth, and commerce occur, through the exchange (willingly or not) of customs and beliefs through adoption and adaptation. But for the younger to become irate with the older, making ridiculous statements of "theft" proves that they have no clue about their own history. Or don't care. Or like all pc'ers of today, they'd rather twist the truth to fit their agenda. It's time to stand up and tell those pc'ers to go fuck themselves and begin shoving the facts right back at them, disallowing them opportunity to continue their propagation of mass misinformation.

That said, for those who are Pagan that came from the Christian belief system and still struggle with their attachment to Jesus, why let Him go? If He's a comfort to you and you feel the need to call upon Him, then go ahead! It's YOUR beliefs that matter to you, NOT that of others! If you have a Goddess you believe in, then call upon Her as well. NO ONE can tell you that you must stick exclusively with one pantheon of Deities. Christianity is worldwide, so having Jesus as your God figure and a Goddess from another pantheon, such as Celtic, is perfectly fitting! Not to mention the 2000 years & millions of believers worth of power instilled in that belief.

Yes, the Christian Church was horribly ugly in their conquering & destruction of the Pagans and their Gods. But think about it, the Church didn't obliterate those beliefs completely or we wouldn't know of, and practice them today! There has been a huge revival of the Pagan beliefs. By including and incorporating Jesus, the Saints, and the Angels into these beliefs, brings a whole new power to both religions. Each is powerful in their own right and by combating them against each other undermines the beauty of each. Fusing the Two into One brings in a whole new level of power, energy, beauty and possibilities.

Many Pagans consider themselves Eclectic, meaning they incorporate aspects from many belief systems. But they adamantly refuse to include any Christian aspects. Why? Why not take that which appeals to you, just as is done with the other systems? Why prejudice yourself against the one?

I spent years doing this. But in the last year, much of that has changed. It's like coming full circle. I ran from Christianity. Didn't like or fit with Wicca. It was too regimented in rules, redes & creeds, and too "fluffy" in its "love & light" crap with an almost complete disregard for the balance of the dark side of people and the Gods. Celtic Paths, such as aspects of Druidry, appealed to me historically and through my ancestry, but the "fit" still wasn't complete. I found Hoodoo, which fit extremely well regarding much of what I've done since childhood, but there are certain aspects which I disagree with in regard to my own personal practice and beliefs. 

By researching, studying, practicing and learning incessantly, I have been able to see how each Path is interconnected with the others. Some branch off completely. Some branch off and parallel. And then there are those that branch off, parallel and have multiple interconnections along the way. This latter Path is where mine has led.

As Ms. Graveyard Dirt so succinctly put it "stop hatin’ on the Jesus, ‘cause the motherfucker’s a good dude. (And He’s also a very pagan dude.)"

I have re-introduced myself to the Holy Being of Jesus. But the relationship is not one of Shepard & Sheep as in the typical Christian context. It is instead, one of Companionship, just as my relationships are with the other Deities I work with. And again, as Ms. Graveyard Dirt said, "Christ died so we may live, wheat is reaped so we may live, the stag is hunted so we may live, the vine is plundered so we may live. My God is made of flesh (stag and bull), bone (wheat and buckwheat) and blood (hooch and resin), and I’m unbiased in accepting His many forms. Christ is just one embodiment of God, as is Dionysus, Cernunnos, Osiris and Yarilo. The problem isn’t me accepting Jesus Christ as one of my personal saviors; it’s your colored perception of what that has to mean." Amen!

On the concept of "sin" and "the-Devil-made-me-do-it", my beliefs have not changed. I do not believe in sin. This is a man-made concept designed to subjugate people (sheeple) into submission and subservience through fear. I do not believe that wrong doing is influenced by an outside force, i.e. the-Devil-made-me-do-it. We are all responsible for our own actions. We must own up to our own choices and decisions and accept the consequences of those actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So fucking man-up and deal with it! If you can't face the Piper, then don't do the deed! Period. Blaming others just shows how weak (and pathetic) you really are.

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift in the mail from my best friend, Amber Wolf. It is Our Lady's Rosary of the Seven Rays. When I opened the package I got chills all over and choked up with tears. The power and energy in this gift is extraordinary and so appreciated. Amber Wolf used the Rosary during many of her works, thus infusing her and the works' energies into the Rosary. I now have another piece of permanent jewelry to be worn every day, and I know it will add incredible energy to my rituals & spellworks.

I am drawn to and work with the Mother Goddess more so than the Father God, He being Her Consort & Companion Mate. The Seven Ray Rosary is representative of Mother Mary, the Christian's Mother Goddess. How perfect!

Thank you, Amber Wolf! (I have a candle lit for a fast healing from your surgery. Love you!)

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  1. I have been a Pagan for the last 25 years, and I too am finding myself traveling full circle just as you have with the same thought processes in mind. What an interesting journey this is, huh?