Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Money/Property Mojo Ritual

Money/Property Mojo Ritual
This Mojo is for money, but in the context of our property. I’m torn between moving and staying. Hubby wants to move. I do because I hate the humidity and I am highly prone to migraines – I’m a human barometer and my head tells me what’s coming. I lived in FL for 27 yrs and averaged 10-12 migraines per month. We moved to TX and I had 3 in 3 yrs! We wish we’d never left, so are trying to sell our place to get back there. 

But I love this place, it has everything I've ever wanted and everything I'll ever need, and room to find that which I don't yet know what I want (or need!) If we’re supposed to move, then a buyer will present themselves and hubby will find us a new place….I’m just afraid it won’t have everything I have & want like here: hills, pastures, gorgeous view, woods, creek, all the herbs & plants I could ever need for mixtures, oils & rituals.

Thus my dilemma, and I know it affected my St. Joseph’s Sell work. We immediately got potential buyers but then nothing happened. Hubby has said we’d stay if we had the money to set up his shop again so he’d have something to pass his time with. (Being retired can make you a bit l-a-z-y!! LOL)

So this Money Mojo is for the money we need to do whatever it is we are SUPPOSED to do and to be where we are SUPPOSED to be. And I will accept whatever that choice is. This place here is heaven on earth for me. I have everything I want & need in every aspect of my life – except the bother of the humidity which can get unbearable at times. If I could figure out how to fix that problem I know I’d never leave here. Trusting and letting go are NOT  my strong suits! 

Part 1:
Obstacles Removed ritual to clear the way for the Money Mojo ritual; tea lite anointed with Blockages Removed Oil & Dragon’s Blood Oil. Money Pod, Wishbone, foreign coins, old key, quartz crystals and an Appalachian Witch’s Ball (made from horsehair) for protection were all placed around the altar. Surrounded everything with my Obstacles Removed herb blend (Basil, Clove, Clover, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Pine, Yarrow).

Gathered the materials and made the bag; Red cloth, hemp string

Placed the bag on the altar, on top of the Money Mirror Box, during the Blockages Removed rite.

After the tea lite went out I began the Money Mojo ritual with a dressed & anointed candle.

Money Herb blend:
Basil, Chicory, Cinnamon, Cumin, Dill, Dock, Egg shell, Oats, Oregano, Pine, Star Anise, Sunflower, Wheat
Money Oil

Part 2:
Gathered herbs, stone, personal & animal concerns, knotted cord, etc. and placed with the Money Mirror Box on the altar:
Money Herb blend
Loaded Acorn
Malachite stone – money
Personal concerns – hair, nail clippings
Quartz crystal – general
Sweet Gum Witch’s Money Ball - money
Appalachian Witch’s Ball (made from horse hair) – protection
Chick feet (from a chick that died shortly after getting it) - protection
Money Knot Cord w/ 9 knots

Part 3:
Placed all items in the bag & anointed & breathed life on and spoke to the Mojo telling it what I want from it.

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