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The Hag Stone

The Hag Stone
The Hag Stone has a natural hole through it caused by running water, The name “Hag Stone” comes from the belief that they could ward off witches (hags). They are usually found in streams, rivers or along the seashore. The belief is that magick can’t work on flowing water and since these stones were formed by running water then they possess a powerful protective influence from magick. This protective power keeps the person who owns it safe from negative works done against them.

Other names this type of stone is known by are Eye Stones, Faery Stones, Goddess Stones, Hagstones, Holey Stones, Holy Stones, Mare Stones, Nightmare Stones, Odin Stones, Pledge Stones, Wish Stones, and Witch Riding Stones.

 Some of my collection of Hag Stones, plus a Woods Spirit face in a bovine vertebrae that I found in our woods several years ago.

Pagans use these to symbolize the female principle, the Earth Mother, the Great Mother, and because the natural holey stones are caused by the elements, not man, they are considered extremely powerful. They are symbolic of the Mother Goddess, the Goddess of Creation and are protective in nature. They are sometimes used by peering through the hole in the moonlight to may see visions, spirits, and other unworldly beings.

There were, and are, many uses for the Hag Stones. Some of these include:

Being worn as charms on necklaces.

 This is the Hag Stone necklace I made and wear everyday.

Hung on stable doors to protect the farm animals.

Hung above the bed, much like a dreamcatcher is used today, to catch and ward off nightmares.

It was also placed on the stomach at night to relieve stomach ailments.

In parts of Scandinavia large quantities of ale poured through a hag stone was given to an expectant mother to ease birth pains.

An Arabic custom was to tie a hagstone around the neck of young camels to protect them from evil spirits and the evil eye.

In some parts of Britain hagstones were fastened to the bows of boats to keep them safe when at sea.

An interesting custom was the use of hagstones as pledge stones, being held to ensure a person was telling the truth.

Perhaps the most interesting properties a hagstone was thought to possess were the ability to enable the bearer to see the faerie folk, and be warded from their enchantments.

Hagstones found at mounds or other such sites were considered especially powerful.

For a hagstone to keep its full power it was supposed to be found by the bearer or given as a gift.

Larger hagstones were used for Weather Warding, having a cord threaded through the hole and tied, and then being swirled vigorously around the head at arm’s length for dispelling winds and rain clouds.

 These are my largest Hag Stones, I may have to try out the Weather Warding with one of these to see how well it works! I'll just have to make sure I don't hit myself (or anyone else) in the head! LOL

As wish stones, they were held in the palm of the non-dominant hand, and rubbed with the thumb of the dominant hand, in a clockwise manner whilst concentrating on the intent of the wish. This is a form of creative visualization, using the repetitive rubbing to focus the mind and then concentrating on the desired result.

Man-made holed stones with multiple holes in them were used as spell casting stones by medieval witches. The holes, equidistant and in multiples of three, would be made in a stone and then a cord or pebble would be passed through the holes in patterns of three, during which the intent of the spell was repeated, usually in multiples of three, thus emphasizing a belief in the power of repetition to achieve a desired result.


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  1. I have a question: have you ever worn your hag stone necklace at night while you sleep? I have a small hag stone (I found it on the beach), I put it on a silk cord and I have worn it in bed for the past few nights because I'd heard about hag stones preventing bad dreams, and was curious. I have not had trouble sleeping before or after wearing the stone, but during these past few nights I've had VERY vivid and realistic dreams like I've never had before, that left me trying to catch my breath when I would wake up the next morning. Have you or anyone you know ever done this with a hag stone and had a similar experience?