Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Make a Mojo Hand and a Nation Sack

How to Make a Mojo Hand and a Nation Sack
Mojo Hand: aka Gris-Gris Bag, Jomo, Toby, Root Bag or Trick Bag
Flannel – color according to use (green: money, red: love, white: baby blessing, pale blue: peaceful home, etc.)
Oil – appropriate to purpose
Petition paper
Name paper
Zoological concerns
Bodily concerns
Seal(s) from Greater Key of Solomon & 6th & 7th Books of Moses
Sigils from the Black Pullet
Miscellaneous items according to purpose: coins, charms, good luck tokens, crystals, carved amulets, etc.

Make the flannel bag with a drawstring closure. The proper way to close the bag is to wrap the drawstring around the bag once, then pull the end through the wrapped drawstring, pulling the tie tight. This also makes it easy to re-open for adding more items and "feeding" it.
Keep total items to odd numbers, if you can, but it’s not an absolute.
Herbs & roots mixtures, i.e. “natural concerns” are counted as one, not individually.
The Mojo hand must be fed: alcoholic beverage, spit or urine, perfume (Hoyt’s Cologne or Florida Water), or sexual fluids (for a love-drawing hand), etc.

Nation Sack
Red Flannel
Oil for Love, Faithfulness, etc.
Roots for Love, Faithfulness, etc.
Herbs for Love, Faithfulness, etc.
Chili pepper
Dimes anointed w/ your sexual fluids: options:
  1. one for each year difference between your age and that of your man
  2. one dime for each person, but they must each be minted in the years of their birth
  3. 9 silver dimes
  4. 1 silver dime minted in a leap year
  5. mated set of lodestones, each baptized in the name of the person it represents
String cut to your man’s measurement, coated with his semen
Petition paper
Name paper
7 Red Candles
Zoological concerns for Love, Faithfulness, etc.
Bodily concerns – seminal fluid on a tissue especially
Seal(s) from Greater Key of Solomon & 6th & 7th Books of Moses
Sigils from the Black Pullet (Love, Power, and others that may be appropriate)
Miscellaneous items: love charms, crystals, carved amulets (heart), etc.

Worn by women ONLY! To be worn at the waist or near the genital area, around the neck and between the breasts only if the other is not possible.
The string is to be coated with the man's semen and then have it knotted and ready; call his name when he is sleeping and when he answers, pull the knot tight.
Keep total items to odd numbers if you can, but it’s not an absolute.
Herbs & roots mixtures, i.e. “natural concerns” are counted as one, not individually.
Place everything under an overturned bowl.
Burn dressed red candles on the bowl for 7 days (1 each day), praying over the candles after they are lit.
Pray that he is happy with you and you do your best to make it so by being happy with yourself.


  1. I did everything all except call his name while i knot it i did get the semen on a string and knotted about 5/6 times is that fine?

  2. :) Yes, this is fine and will work. It is the intent that is the entire purpose of the ritual. It shows the amount of commitment by the person putting it all together. I'd say you have shown excellent commitment!

  3. hey, I wanted to know which day of the week is best to feed my nation sack and how do I feed the oil? Pour it inside or from outside?

    Thank you for your advise.

  4. I usually open it and just let a drop go in. It doesn't take much. :) As for the day of the week, for me it's always Monday - the start of the week. That way I'm more likely to remember it. But it can be what ever day works best for you. Also, some people are very particular that if it was made on Tuesday, then feed it on Tuesdays. If it was made on Friday, then feed it on Fridays. You get the idea. So, basically, what ever works best for you so you remember to feed it. :) Hope that helps!

  5. Yes it helps a lot. thank you so very much for your prompt reply. I have made the mojo but have not finished burning the candle so I have to still dispose it at the crossroads. But I wanted to make sure I would feed it without missing a week. Thanks again .

  6. Where do you get the Seals of Solomon and books of Moses?

  7. You can copy the Seals of Solomon from the "Lesson: Magic Seals of Solomon" in the tabs above. The link to the page for each planetary set are there, just go through each one and save them to your computer. The "Books of Moses" are easily found for free online, just put in a search for them, that's how I got mine. Here's one link that I found in less than 10 seconds: Good luck - you'll love the power & energy they add to a spell or ritual. :)

  8. Do I have to put all these things in the bag for it to work?

  9. Each item is there for a reason, but it's your bag, so you can add or delete whatever it is you feel works best for you. :) Just be sure to "feed" it regularly in whatever manner you choose as your feeding method.

  10. Do I have to keep putting urine on the mojo hand to keep it fed

    1. I wouldn't, but that's just me. A drop when it's being made is one thing, but to feed it urine on a regular will begin to stink in a very short time. I'd feed it with your breath or smudge smoke or a drop of pure water.