Monday, March 12, 2012

Black Pullet Seals Part 4 (final)

Black Pullet Seals Part 4
Seal No. 17

Protection - Carry in the pocket at all times to gain protection from  attack (from human or animal). To acquire its power say, “Hocatos, Imorad, Surater, Markila”.  To be able to understand the language of animals say, “Trumantrem, Ricona, Estupit, Oxa”.
(Dark green satin embroidered in gold)

Seal No. 18

Communication - When the seal is placed upon the heart and the possessor says, “Corstes, Furinot, Katipa, Garinos“, you can discern the good or bad intentions of any person.
(Black satin embroidered in gold)

Seal No. 19

Knowledge/Wisdom - The seal must be carried on you to bring a profound knowledge of anything you wish to know. You will outshine experts and authorities even though you may be not be formally educated.  This seal is especially used by students who wish to pass tests and examinations. These are the words to say, “Ritas, Onalun, Tersorit, Ombas, Serpitas, Quitathar, Zamarath”.
(White satin embroidered in black) 

Seal No. 20

Good Fortune - This seal is to be attached to the left forearm with  a white ribbon and worn when playing games of chance.  Touch it with the right hand before beginning play but without attracting the notice of your opponents. Say, “Rokes” for selection, “Pilatus” for a combination of two winning numbers, “Tulitas” for four winning numbers, “Xatanitos” for five winning numbers, “Zotas” for dice,  and for cards say them all each time the cards are shuffled before each hand of the game.
(Cherry stain embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 21

Retribution - This seal is to be worn on the body or carried in a pocket to enable you to direct the power of retribution against your enemies and those who would injure your family or friends. To do this say, “Zorami, Zaitux, Elastot”.
(Grey-white satin embroidered in grey-white)

Seal No. 22

Un-Hexing - To gain the knowledge of negative energies aimed at you and the means of rendering their plots void of power and to return the energy to its sender, wear this seal upon the breast and say, “Actatos, Catipta, Bejouran, Itapan, Marnutus”.
(Red satin embroidered in the middle with gold, the border in silver, and the signs in black and white)

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  1. Hi Granny Tacket how many complete seals of Black Pullet Cand You Provide Them All Plsssss ? :)

  2. I'm sorry, but I don't really understand the question. All 22 of the Seals are provided in this 4-part lesson, which is accessed via the tab at the top which says "Lesson: Black Pullet Seals".

  3. Im Sorry im just asking how many talisman does the Black Pullet Seals Possess becaused i read about the BlackPullet Seals that it will gives you the Ability to see trougth Walls and in the end of the post you post this has gotten long enougth can you provide all the Talismans of Black Pullet Seals ? :)

  4. There are only 22 Black Pullet Seals. There are 72 Goetic Seals, but those are completely different, and I haven't done any lessons on those, and probably won't.

  5. Thanks for Youre Answer why wouldnt you have a lesson about it is it Dangerous can it bring Harm to the Practitioner if He or She goes Wrong i have searh about it and there are many Sites offerring Service about it but i dont Trust them They Put Satan in their Blog telling how to sold a Soul they are Satanist and I Dont Like Satanist Pls Provide About it You are the only Site that we Trust Plsss :) ?

  6. I won't put lessons on the Goetic Seals because they are not for the public at-large. They are High Magick and not for those who know nothing about them. The Seals of Solomon and the Black Pullet Seals are more than enough for those who read this blog. Those who wish to learn how to work with the Goetic Seals need to be far more advanced than someone who is asking about them. If someone is asking about them because they heard of them, then they are not yet knowledgeable enough nor strong enough in their own right to be able to work with them. Looking up the Goetic Seals, seeing who they are and what they're called upon for is one thing. Working with them without the proper education or skill level is another. And I will not disseminate that information freely on the internet for anyone to read. That would be very irresponsible of me...and anyone else who would do so.

  7. Thanks I Got Another Question Is The Goetic Seals And BlackPullet Are One Is The Goetic Seal Part Of BlackPullet ? :)

  8. I've already mentioned above, they are completely different. They're from completely different time periods, written centuries apart. Some consider the Black Pullet Seals to be a more modern "invention". Personally I don't care if they are or not, they're very powerful and work beautifully.

  9. Thanks so much for posting this in an easy to use format. I do have a question regarding seal #20. If one were to acquire an embroidered seal should it be used in a ritual like you explained on the beginning page or should the seal be worn on the forearm as described for that particular seal, or should it be activated in the ritual that you list and then worn? I'm confused. Since this is a game of chance seal, can the embroidered patch be used only once, or can it be reused for each time that specific game of chance is played?

    1. All of the Seals must be activated first, then may be worn, carried, or placed on an altar. It just depends on the situation. As you are wanting it for gambling, then I would suggest wearing it - on your dominant arm - while gambling. But when you are not, then I would keep in a safe place or on an altar.