Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spell Boxes on a Whim

I was bored, needed something to break the monotony of being retired and no money to go do anything or buy materials for a large project. So I decided on a small project. I went downstairs into the barn and found 3 small hinged boxes that I'd obtained in an "all for $1 box" at a yardsale a few years ago. I was in a creative mood and came up with the following: Curse Coffin, Love & Romance Spell Box, and a Money & Abundance Spell Box. 

Here they are and a brief description of what I did to each:

Curse Coffin: painted black and pieces of a broken mirror glued to the inside; walls, lid, & floor. This is perfect for placing a dollbaby/poppet inside to curse, sending them lots of hexing energies as well as sending back on them that which they put out. A binding or banishing could also be done in this box. If you don't want to have the effects hanging around you could do a couple of things, 1) bury the box and leave it to rot with the dollbaby inside - make a new Curse Coffin each time you need it, or 2) cover it with a cloth (black would be my choice) and open & close it under the cloth so there is no reflection of the negativity allowed to escape onto what ever it is reflecting.

Love & Romance Spell Box: painted fuschia & white, the inside is covered with pieces cut from a rather gaudy tie, and a dried miniature rose & green stone sterling heart were attached to the lid. You can place your petition inside with something belonging to the person of intent, even a dollybaby representing the person or persons involved.

Money & Abundance Spell Box: painted 2-tone green inside & out with foreign coins attached to the top, and broken mirror pieces on the inside to increase the abundance being worked. Place your petition and the largest bill you can get into the box so it will "multiply" for you. A one dollar bill will be fine if that's all you can get, but a $20 or even a $50 would be alot better!

The total cost for this project? Maybe, maybe $1! The boxes were maybe 10c total in the "all for $1 box", the mirror pieces were from an old motorcycle mirror that hubby was going to throw out but I kept "just in case" - well, my "just in case" moment arrived! LOL The paints I've had for years and as the boxes were small, they hardly used any paint at all. The foreign coins I'd been given by my grandparents 40 yrs ago when they used to go traveling around the world. That gaudy tie was from a huge box piled high with ties I'd bought for $5 at a yardsale about 6 years ago (there ended up being over 120 ties in that box!) The rose was my own that I harvested from my rose bushes out front. And the sterling heart charm was in one of 2 large trays of hundreds of charms, beads, chains, etc. that I got for $10 at another yardsale. Love, love, love yardsales! 

So now my spell boxes are done and my boredom is over...on to the next project idea!


AzureGreen- Celebrating All Paths to the Divine


  1. Do these boxes always have to use broken mirror pieces or will they work fine with whole mirror pieces?

    1. I used the broken ones, 1) because I had a broken mirror and wanted to put the pieces to good use (I hate to waste anything! LOL) and 2) especially for the black box, I felt it would 'cut' into the person it was aimed at.
      But, to answer your question, no, they don't have to be broken. :D