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Black Pullet Seals Part 2

Black Pullet Seals Part 2

Seal No. 1

Magick Rod - This serpent and wand should be worn on your body for magickal assistance, good health, and protection from Black Magick. To empower it say, “Soutram, Ubarsinens”.
(White satin embroidered in gold)

Seal No. 2

Goetic Circle - You can allegedly gain all your desires by wearing this seal on your person and to achieve your desires say, “Saram”.
(Red satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 3

Power - The seal is held in the right hand while you say, “Siras, Etar, Besanar”, whenever you desire multitudes of spirits to appear to answer your requests.
(Sky-blue satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 4

Love - Hold this seal pressed against the lips before going out and you may win the love and compliance of the opposite sex. To call the angel to you quietly say, “o, Nades, Suradis, Manier” then to the angel when he appears say, “Sader, Prostas, Solaster”.
(Black satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 5

Wealth - Hold the seal between the palms of both hands and say, “Onaim, Perantes, Rosanastos” and messengers will soon appear at your feet bearing goods or gold.
(Green satin embroidered in gold)

Seal No. 6

Secrets Revealed - This seal should be placed close to the ear then you say, “Nitrae, Radou, Sunandam” and a distinct voice will reveal the desired knowledge which you wish to know.
(Violet satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 7

Truth & Justice - By holding the seal against the right ear with the left hand and saying, “Noctar, Raiban” the most secretive person will reveal their most private thoughts, and if you say, “Noctar, Raiban Biranther” an enemy will be forced to declare their intentions aloud.
(Golden-yellow satin embroidered in gold) 

Seal No. 8

Goals - Holding of the seal pressed against the heart say, “Zorami, Zaitux, Elastot” and it will set to work the Spirits who will immediately accomplish the work which you may desire to undertake, and for the cessation of any unfavorable plots against you.
(Lilac satin embroidered in lilac)

Ok, I guess this will be in several posts, so please keep going!

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  1. You have encouraged me to perform a BP Ritual with all your recommended precautions. I even have a 4th Pentacle of the Moon for protection and 5th Pentacle of Mars to order Demons about (as a precaution). I made them from your guidance of Solomon Seal activating/consecrating Ritual. I made an LBRP magick circle on the correct planetary hour of the Talisman then, stated all the Psalms you listed and for individualizing. I had made the seals with the correct colors of the planetary influence. I am consecrating my salt for the BP Ritual, I am stating the Oration of the Sages, the Initiation words, opening and closing a magick circle on a large Goetic Circle that will contain a large triangle to place the Seals inside, except the inner drawings will not be there, I will place 2 small candles and an incense burner around the triangle. The writing and art is drawn as best I could (I am a skilled hobbyist and artist, wood carving, leather crafting, drawing). I already made my own Golden Dawn style pentacle and, Athame with an obsidian blade instead of metal (way better crafted than store bought, took me months to craft). I have a License for the Spirit to Depart and, a gratitude prayer to Adonai for the great blessing... that I found from another Grimoire. I will state the Oration of the Sages, the Initiation words, the Opening and Closing Prayer to the Divine. I will perform an LBRP magick circle and, a smaller magick circle of intent with my Athame for the bigger Goetic Circle on top of my Altar. I will be respectful and precise for my wishes to be performed.
    I have made a Talisman of Seal #2 Goetic Circle & #20 (Good Fortune, Win At Games Of Chance) out of red construction paper with silver metallic DecoColor Premium, for the symbols. I have just acquired a Bronzed Steel Talisman Seal #20 designed Ring. I have also made a Serpent/Magick Rod Seal out of white bond paper with gold metallic DecoColor Premium for the symbols.
    I have read the BP Grimoire (3) times to fully comprehend it. I have read your BP Intro. and all the Seal qualities. I broke down your statements to get your full meaning of recommendation and precautions.
    My question, please. The words "Soutram, Ubarsinens" in the BP is stated for the Spirits to lift one for a flight trip. You have utilized these same words for activating Seal#1, the Magick Rod Seal, how come? And, it doesn't state anywhere in the BP that Seal #1 has the qualities of magickal assistance, good health and, protection, why did you write this, please? Did you interpret something I missed? However it does state the words be written on the wand with india ink and etched on a plate of gold on the head and tail of the snake symbol. So, is it etched on the gold plate then filled with india ink? I will make one and easily resolve this by etching an icecream stick then, applying gold leaf then applying one each on the head and tail to look like (2) gold plates. I have a Dremel Tool, I am skilled at this. I have made a snake head out of plastic putty that is baked in an oven for 15 minutes and the body from a 6 ft. willow branch. I will buy a bloody Lamb steak and smear the willow branch once I have finished shaping and crafting it. I will spray it all in premium gold spray paint, just for the bling.
    Another question, please. The word "Saram" is used on the BP Grimoire to indicate direction of flight, You utilize it to activate Seal #2, how come, please? Also, it doesn't state anywhere on the BP Grimoire that the qualities of Seal #2 are to gain one's desires, how come you have that stated, please? Did you interpret something I missed?
    These are naïve, sincere, questions and not meant to offend nor confront you by anyway, really. I just want to know by someone with the benefit of hindsight and experience. I have done much searching research on the Internet. You are the only one with a detailed BP Ritual with precautions, the only one that has a detailed Solomon Seals Ritual that includes consecration with Psalms. So, I respect your opinion.

    1. I am very impressed with your skill, patience and dedication. I salute you and your beautiful efforts!
      As for the question regarding the words, I am only sharing what I found in the books I obtained the information from. I'm sure that the words are the same for a reason...just as there are many words we utilize every day that are the same; and words we write in rituals can be used many times in the same manner. They are words of power, so we use them.
      The Magic Rod (Seal #1) and the Goetic Circle (Seal #2) are used as "anchors" (for wont of a better word) to any and all of the other Seals you choose to use in your ritual. Their use is like that of the 1st Pentacle of the Sun in the Seals of Solomon; they are the ones that pull together and magnify the power & energies of the other Black Pullet Seals.
      I have used the Seals without the 1st & 2nd and the power level just is not the same, so I always use them. You may work with them and find that it works differently for you. Everyone's energy is different. I just take the generality of the "how-to" and then do everything else my way, what I know instinctively works for me.
      It is what I suggest everyone else do as well. That is how we grow in our own personal power - it is that part of us that is not taught or learned, it is that which our inner selves just "know".
      Keep up the good work! :)