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Black Pullet Seals Part 3

Black Pullet Seals Part 3
Seal No. 9

Destruction &/or Safety - This seal is said to possess the power to destroy whatever you wish when you say, “Ditau, Huandos, Ridas, Talimol, Atrosis, Narpida, Uusur, Itar, Hispen, Tromador”.  Say, “Paranthes, Histanos” to protect you and your friends from any accident or mishap. 
(Poppy-red satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 10

Invisibility - When the seal is held in the right hand and your faith is sufficient say, “Benatir, Cararkau, Dedos, Etinarmi”.  You will be rendered invisible even to the eye of Spirits, only the Divine can see your actions.  The power of this seal allows you to travel anywhere unseen and unnoticed.
(Yellow satin embroidered in black)

Seal No. 11

Safe Travel - Held or worn close to the heart and then you say, “Raditus, Polastrien, Terpandu, Ostrata, Pericatur, Ermas”.  You may then travel to any part of the world by any method without danger.
(Puce satin embroidered in gold)

Seal No. 12

Remove Barriers - This seal when touched to any lock, fastening, or seal is said to open any lock or barrier, and will remove obstacles that are hindering your progress. Say, “Saritap, Pernisox, Ottarim”.
(Dark blue satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 13

Reading Thoughts - To know what others are thinking, place the seal on the forehead and say, “Tarot, Nizael, Estarnas, Tantarez”.   To punish the wicked and your enemies say, “Zatros, Nifer, Roxas, Rortos” and they will be immediately experience troubles, anguish and discomforts in their life.  To render good luck and fortune on those who deserve it say, “Nista, Saper, Visnos”.
(Pale grey satin embroidered in gold) 

Seal No. 14

Banishing - Place the seal on a table and press the left hand upon it.  All negative energies are banished and any plots being planned against you are bound to its sender when you say, “Senapos, Terfita, Estamos, Perfiter, Notarin”.
(Rose satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 15

Courage - Wear this seal and say, “Turan, Estonos, Fuza” to turn negative qualities within oneself into positive and to gain courage or increase your gifts, talents or abilities.
(Golden-yellow satin embroidered in silver)

Seal No. 16

Healing - Use this seal to attain the gift of healing, the knowledge of universal medicine, and for acquiring the knowledge of all minerals and plants along with their properties and attributes. This seal should be worn upon the breast preferably on a red silk ribbon and when putting it on you say, “Reterrem, Salibat, Cratares, Hisater“.
(Orange satin embroidered in silver)

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  1. Hey Author,am very happy and very impressed with your

    writting skills straight to the point about Magic Spells


  2. :) I like to make things "understandable". So many times I'll find something that is of importance, but it is disorganized in it's writing, so I put it on my computer and put it in order. Then I shared what I've learned so others can too.

    Thank you, glad you find it useful.


  3. Aren't these "Seals" are supposedly to be crafted into "rings" rather than to draw it out as it is like a picture like that? I'm confused here, because the Book "Black Pullet" is supposed to instruct the practitioners to craft the seal into the form of a ring, not to draw it to be an exact look-alike picture.

    Thank you for clarifying up the situation :D

    1. As with any jewelry a design is adapted to fit. If these designs were put on rings, they would be flat topped with the Seal inscribed upon it. But it's not necessary. Just print them out and use the printout. Worrying about putting more into it than is absolutely necessary is overkill. The people who wrote these things wrote them hundreds of years ago in a form that would deter the layman from attempting it themselves. In today's world that isn't necessary as the information is freely available and there is no "secret" to knowing it any longer. We grow, we adapt, and we do what works for each of us in our own situations.

  4. Hi Granny,

    I just ordered seal 13 and the talisman. Do I have to wear the ring in order for me to perform the spell or do I just put the talisman on my forehead?

    Also how do I pronounce these words? is there any particular language I must look at before saying these words?

    Thank you for all your help

    1. I would consecrate the ring before wearing it. Place it on the altar, consecrate, then place on your finger. As for pronunciation - there's no description anywhere, so I would suggest saying them in different ways until you find the way it flows best for you. They are definitely some odd words, so just do your best...that is all the Divine ever expects of us! :)