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A Few Thoughts on Spell Oils

A Few Thoughts on Spell Oils

I used to buy all my oils and herbs. They had great names to them, they smelled sooo good, their labels were fancy, so they just have to be better than anything I could make. There certainly looked great all lined up on the shelf in my altar supply cabinet! Wow, I was really there in the spell supply department!

Wasn't I?

Or was I?

HA! No, actually I wasn't. I had formulas that were put together by unknown people that may or may not have actually used all those (expensive & exotic) Essential Oils and only organic herbs (that supposedly they grew themselves). These fancy labeled bottles were usually a minimum of $5 / dram. Damn! Seriously?! That meant I had to plan my cupboard supply purchases very carefully, as my budget was more than a little limited. Food on the table far outweighed the quantity & variety of spell oils in the cabinet.

There had to be a better way for me. And I was going to figure it out. The first thought was regarding the base oil and the herbs. Ok. They're just plants. Plants grow everywhere. So, which plants would I need for the works I would be doing?

I imagined how my predecessors would've gone about it. The first thing that came to mind was that they would've used only that which they found immediately around them. I'm sure their budget was just as limited as mine and thus only used local not "foreign" herbs and oils. Their cost would've been prohibitive, to say the least. 

Also, the energies of "foreign" plants, oils & herbs bring with them aspects that may not be complimentary to the local environment and those who would utilize those plants. However, I would like to quantify that with, if those same plants and herbs were actually grown locally, then the problem becomes moot. (This is why I want a greenhouse, ooooh, the plants I would grow!)

Anyway, back to the subject; The oils used would've been their cooking oils, so that's certainly easy! Problem solved there.

We have almost 10 acres, which include hillside pastures, woods and a creek running through the woods. (I love this place - and hoping hubby will change his mind about moving). The pastures and woods are full of soooo many great plants used in spellworks and healing situations, and I'm sure there are many which I don't know what they are that are also able to be used. (I really need to find a book that tells me all the plants, i.e. "weeds", as most would think of them, so I can wildcraft them as well).

So, with all the plants we have around the property, and the herbs I grow, and the oil in the kitchen, I knew I was more than equipped to make my own oils. To-date I have designed formulas for, and made:

Blockages Removed Oil (3 varieties: Hard & Fast, Strong & Steady, Slow & Subtle)
Cedar Oil
Dragon's Blood Oil
Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
Juniper Oil
Money Oil
Protection Oil
St. Joseph's Oil

They each work beautifully and I have many more in the works that are soon to be made. The cost for these was barely pennies! The oil was the only thing I had to buy. With the exception of the Dragon's Blood, which I've had alot of for years, the plants & herbs were wildcrafted or harvested right here on our property. The bottles & jars they are in were either bought in bulk at a flea market or re-purposed jars (jelly, salsa, liquor, etc.) from the kitchen.

Are they fancy smelling? No, but they are distinct and representative of their respective herbs and the use for which they were designed and made. For example, store-bought Dragon's Blood smells "pretty & sweet". This is due to an added Essential Oil that is specifically used for making it smell good. Well, surprise, surprise! Dragon's Blood does NOT have a scent unless burned! So why make it smell good in an oil? Simple. So people will buy it, that's why. A true worker doesn't pay attention to such things, they use what they use because it works as the Divine designed it to, and it certainly doesn't need us to try to "improve" it by making it smell a specific way just so we can get someone else to buy it! But for those who must buy their own, there certainly isn't anything wrong with those oils, I know they work quite well. I used to use them myself. But, to be true to myself I had to try this experiment to see where it would lead me.

And my little, personal, experiment proved that I don't need the fancy stuff with the fancy price tags for those tiny dram bottles. I can make what ever I need in what ever quantity I want for 95% less than I could buy it for from all those suppliers!

I no longer buy my oils. I make them. And because they have the energies of my geographical location, as well as my personal energies infused in them from choosing them to using them, I have added powers in my oils that I never had before.

Yes, belief in an object or thing gives it power. But that belief also includes the self! By doing this little experiment I have found a belief in my own capabilities that wasn't really there before. This in turn, increases the power & energy of my works. I've been on this Path for decades and was quite surprised at what I learned.

And I look forward to finding out what else I'm capable of! So stick around if you'd like to follow my journey! :)

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