Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sugar Love Spell

For My Son
My oldest son met a wonderful woman that he feels is "the love of his life". Having that myself, and knowing that he is not one to make such a claim out of the blue, I knew that I needed to do something to help bring them together.

She is a nurse, has 4 children, and had to move from Florida back to northern South Carolina to be near family, so they can help with the kids. My son is devastated and is planning a visit in the near future and to work out getting a job (he's a Paramedic working on his Nursing degree), and finding a place to live. She wants him & my grandson to move in with her and the kids, but he knows that isn't really the thing to do, as the kids are still getting over leaving their Dad in Florida.

So, the spell I decided to do is to open the road for them to be together and to sweeten their lives by being together. I wish for them a long and happy relationship and a happy home with their children. The overall purpose of the ritual is to sweeten all aspects regarding them and their situation.

I've had it going for 4 days now and will continue it for another 5 days.

Sugar Love Spell

Small jar
Love Herb Blend
Wood Rose
Oleander leaves & flowers (purple)
Sweet Love Water
Petition Paper
Name Paper (use pink paper)
Pink Candles (2 for each day of the spell, one is the Unity Candle, one is the Sugar Jar candle)
Love Box (2 rose buds & Love Herb Blend inside)
Love Birds (Venetian Glass, gifts to my mother, but returned to me when she passed)

Write the purpose on the Petition Paper.

Draw and cut out a heart from the pink paper and write the names of the couple inside the heart.

Wrap the Petition Paper around the Heart, folding toward you.

Layer all dry materials in the jar, placing the Wood Rose on top.

Pour in the Sweet Love Water, fill almost to the top.

Add Love Herb Blend on top of the Sweet Love Water covered Wood Rose.

Put the lid on the jar.

Dress the candles with Love Oil.

Spread Love Herb Blend around the Sugar Jar.

Melt the bottom of one pink candle, the Unity Candle, and place it in front of the Sugar Jar.

Melt the bottom of another pink candle and place it on top of the Sugar Jar.

Light the Unity Candle and state the desire of the Divine’s work in the Sugar Jar Love Spell.

Light the Sugar Jar Candle and state the desire for the intended’s of the Sugar Jar Love Spell.

Do this for each day of the spell. 

When the work is complete keep the jar on the altar (or a Love Altar would be better) until the manifestation of the work.


  1. Very nice story, thanks for helping your son keep it up black magi love spells.

  2. Hi, my name is audrey.I am here to testify on the effectiveness of spells on my relationship and finance. I have had promises and met some who claim can help me with spell but to no avail. Till I met this man. He helped me with my relationship and finance in four days. Now I am happy with my man and finance is doing good. I need advice and suggestion on how to reward this good man. Write me on ymail account audietayl. Thanks a lot .

  3. I'll have to respond here as I do not have your e-mail address since you signed as "Anonymous". If you're requesting how to reward the man you're with, I'm sure that all of your gratitude and faith in him is all he needs or wants. But if you'd like to do something tangible, then consider his interests (sports, gaming, hobbies, etc.) and give him a gift that pertains to this. A fun thing to do is a self-made "coupon book" with each "coupon" having a specific something that you will do for him.

    If you're referring to the person who assisted you in acquiring these things you were needing, then a simple "thank you", and maybe a small gift would be more than enough. I'm sure you paid this person for their services, so they have already received their compensation.

    Thank you for stopping by and posting!


  4. Hi granny ive read ur story and it was very trying to find a way to get my boyfriend to come back to me after i became pregnant with his baby we made a split,i just want him to love me,desire me come home to me,show me u love me as much as i love him.. may i please have ur direct email...

  5. You can contact me directly through the "Contact" tab above, which will give you my e-mail address: :) Hope to hear from you soon.