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The Nation Sack - Correctly, The Nature Sack

The Nation Sack - Correctly, The Nature Sack
**The Nation Sack information presented below is, apparently misinformation that has been around for over 100 years promulgated by the White researchers (such as Hyatt) who either misunderstood the Black's speech pattern of leaving off the last syllable or words or just replacing the unknown word with what sounded similar.

I learned the above information from a very knowledgeable source Hoodoo In The Old Tradition

Please be sure to visit and frequent their blog, you'll find some awesome information!
Historically, the name originated during the 19th century in the geographical area around Memphis, Tennessee. This cumulative charm bag is traditionally made of red flannel and contains herbs, roots, curios, and a few of the man’s personal concerns for whom it is made for. By “cumulative” I am referring to the occasional addition of new items to the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack carried by the woman for as long as she wants to keep the man.

The Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack is one of the oldest and most famous of the hoodoo spells and is used exclusively by women to capture and enslave men and/or keep them faithful, specifically to control a man’s sex. It can render a man impotent if he should “wander”, thus keeping him true to his spouse by “tying his nature”. Traditionally it is worn at the waist, but around the neck and between the breasts is probably more convenient today. It is never to be touched by anyone else, and absolutely is never to be seen by the man!

Like the Mojo Hand, the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack must be "fed" regularly. This may be done an alcoholic beverage (since it's yours, then it would be a drink you like!), Hoyt's Cologne, Florida Water, Rosewater, your breath, blow tobacco smoke on it, dab with an appropriate oil (such as the Dressing Oil you choose for the candle), it's your choice - be creative!

How to Make a Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack
Red Candle
Dimes (1 for each yr between your age & his)
High John the Conqueror Root
Queen Elizabeth Root
Man’s Personal Concerns: hair, sweat on a cloth, semen is preferable
Name Paper
Dressing Oil (such as Follow Me Boy or other comparable)

Begin this spell on your monthly period, or if you’re past menstruation, collect vaginal fluids on the Full Moon.

Place his Name Paper under the overturned saucer.

Carve his name 9x’s in a spiral around the candle.

Dress the candle with the menstrual blood (or vaginal fluids) and the Dressing Oil of your choice.

Place the dressed candle on top of the overturned saucer, saying something to the effect of:

Name come under my command” or “Name be true to me” or make up your own words (which is preferable).

Light the candle.

Now, dress the dimes with your menstrual blood or vaginal fluids and the Dressing Oil of your choice.

As you do so, call them by his and your names, saying:

“This is His name” and “This is Your name

Set the dimes in front of the burning candle.

Dress the High John the Conqueror Root (in the same manner as the dimes), saying:
“This is His name

Set his root on his dime.

Dress the Queen Elizabeth Root (in the same manner as the dimes), saying:
“This is Your name

Set your root on your dime.

Place his personal concerns the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack.
Dress the bag with the oil of your choice, stroking it 9 times and saying:
"His name follow me."

Pass the bag through the candle smoke 9 times saying:
"His name follow me."

Place the dimes and roots in the bag saying:
" His name stay with me."

When the candle has completely burned out, take the Name Paper from under the saucer and fold it toward you, saying:
" His name follow me."

Turn it and fold it toward you again saying:
" His name come to me."

Place it in the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack saying:
" His name stay with me."

Dispose of any leftover candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it to the East (toward sunrise) over your left shoulder and walking away without looking back.

From this time forward, carry the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack on you or keep it in your bedroom where he will not see or touch it.

Add more personal items to it when you can.

**A very important note to make is regarding making the Nation (correctly: Nature) Sack work. The woman must love the man, not just want to possess him. And, even more importantly, she must love herself!! If she feels unworthy of love, then how can she consider being able to hold a man to her. She must know that what she has to give is as great as that which she wants to receive!


  1. What if I cannot get a queen elizabeth root? Will a jezebel chip work? What about osha root?

  2. Yes, the Osha Root, as it is one of the traditional roots to use. The Jezebel Root is also a good one, as it is used for spell casting in general, and specifically for money and successful achievement of your goals.

  3. I need to clarify a bit on the Jezebel root. The Jezebel root is most powerful for sexual purposes, in the sense of controlling the intended person. It will also make the carrier appealing to the opposite sex. It is known as the "Prostitute's Plant". :D So, I would say that if you're Nature Sack is specifically of a sexual nature, then this would be the plant to have in it, most definitely! :)

  4. Okay, thank you. There's this one place that says no, absolutely not. I don't agree with them either, since a lot of root work is made with intent, right?

  5. I would imagine that the site that says "no" is probably one that doesn't believe in coersion works (bending someone to your will). Without knowing the site, it sounds to me like something from a Wicca-based person, or someone trained mostly in Wicca. The "Harm none" types associated with the Wiccan Rede have no place in Hoodoo. :)

  6. Thank you for correcting folks on the difference between "nation" and "nature". Dr. Hazzard's site is awesome, I just wish it were kept up more frequently. Your site is excellent and I feel it is closer to the roots of Conjuring than any of those hoodoo marketeers out there. Good work. It is hard to find folks out there to trust, but you and Dr. Hazzard have built some trust with me.

  7. Thank you so much for the compliment! It is very much appreciated. I've also gone back through the post to do what I should've done when I altered the title and added the correction and note, which is to add the correction to each usage of the word "Nation". By not doing so, and why I didn't think of it at the time I don't know, it will put the correct word in the mind rather than the incorrect one, thus continuing the misinformation. My bad! LOL But corrected now! Thank you again, for the compliment! :)

  8. Hi
    I cannot find High John the Conqueror Root. What is the substitute. The herbs, can I use damania, catnip,and orris roots. can I use oils patchouli,rose. I really want to make this mojo bag. can I use dimes which he is gave to me. And how about the thread with his semen. Please give more info.
    Thank you

  9. You can find High John the Conqueror Root on Amazon ( I wouldn't substitute if you don't have to, and as High John is easily found online (Amazon and other vendors), I would suggest buying from one of those sources. The oils, are the oils of your choice that fit the appropriate purpose. Rose & Patchouli should be fine. The dimes you have, and the collected semen (in what ever manner you collected it) are fine also. Not sure what you mean by "more info", other than sources for the High John, as the instructions are very clear & precise. :) Hope I answered your questions sufficiently. :)

  10. Hallo,I cnt find the dimes with our birth years what else can I use?

  11. I can understand the problem, it could definitely be a bit difficult. I would suggest finding new dimes with the current year or the year that y'all were married or got together or what ever the significant year might be. Either use them as-is, or write the appropriate years on each one in permanent marker. Hope that helps. :)

  12. A few questions I have are. Do I reopen my nation sack to re feed it? I was told not to open it but I see you say a nation sack can be opened. What is best to feed it? I have used oils and alcohol and menstrual and sexual fluids at the beginning. I also have knot work that I did but it did not have his semen on it. I had semen and my fluids on a little cloth. But today I was able to acquire semen and soak my new string and do the knot work in private with way more intention! So can I remove the other knot string or keep it? I will add this one,as my intention and mind set to get what I wanted for it was very clear and made me feel more accomplished getting it! I had the will in me!

    Thanks and blessings :)

  13. :) Congratulations! Yes, you can open it to re-feed it. It just shouldn't be opened "just because" or to "take a look inside". Opening to feed it is fine, and really the best way...and getting that new piece in there is very important! :) Well done!

  14. Thanks! The fun part of all this made me feel supper sexy and witchy at the same time! LOL I am still farley new learning Hoodoo and the Craft and I am feeling so excited :) I will feed it Friday when I work on my Honey Jar. I assume any time I can catch him up maybe I should add that as well ;) The old cord though is still in question.....should I remove it?

    Thanks again for your guidance

  15. I would leave it. It is instilling the bag and the bag's contents have instilled in it, with the energies you put it in there for in the first place. You don't want to "remove" it (any of the energy). By adding the new one, with the old one still there, you'll just be adding to the energies & power of the bag. :)

  16. Would this work to bring back an ex? I broke up with my bf and have been working reconciliation work on him. Would this help him to return?

    Also, the only personal concerns I have right now are a few pairs of his dirty boxers, would that work?

  17. :D Love it - yes, the boxers would work. There are few things you could do with them, such as cut a piece from them to add to the Nature Sack, or make the Nature Sack itself out of their material, or keep the boxers in a bag with particular herbs, etc. With the latter idea, you'd have the Nature Sack separate, but intended for the same purpose (lover-return). I personally, would make the Nature Sack from the material, and then keep the remainder in a bag with the particular herbs, etc.

    Hope the ideas help - and good luck! :)

  18. How long does it take for the bag to start working, or how will I know it's working?

  19. I usually give anything I do at least 3 months to see something happening - for good or bad. Sometimes things happen immediately, and other times it takes a while to get the energies in place or to remove obstacles. With the Nature Sack though, be sure to keep feeding it regardless of what is happening. It is something that is meant to be kept with you from now on, added to, fed, and handled consistently. If you are doing this, then it will do what it is supposed to, and on a steady basis. "Steady" doesn't mean fast. Fast acting things usually spend their energies too quickly and the result isn't long-lasting or permanent. You want steady, even slow, and on-going for permanence. :)

  20. Thanks, I will have to be patient.

  21. Hi, I am currently using a nature sack, to get my love to be faithful to me, but he has a bad drug habit, is their something I can add to my sack to break his drug habit and still win him at the same time?

  22. Ok, I'm trying to ask if there is something I can add to my nature sack to help break a drug habit for my boyfriend?

  23. Hello again, I started my nature sack a month ago, and it seems that anything bad that can happen is happening, is this a part of the process to remove the obstacles?

  24. I will respond to this question here rather than privately as I don't want it to look as if I've been ignoring your questions, which I have not.

    If this is still for your drug addict boyfriend, then I'm not surprised. You need to destroy that one and make another one, but while doing so you do not think of him, but instead of receiving the healthy, loving relationship you need and want. IF (big IF) it is to be him, great, if it is not (as it seems to be showing so far with the current Nature Sack you have), then the right person will show up when you're ready - more most likely least expecting it. :)

    You (everyone) deserve to be in a good, honest, healthy, loving relationship. Settling for or wanting someone who hates themselves so much they have a death wish, is unhealthy, unwise and a complete waste of time.

    I really do wish you all the best that life has to offer...I also wish you'd take my advice, as it comes from experience in this situation. But it is your life and you must lead it as you feel drawn to do so. :)

    Blessings always!

  25. I really do love him and I want him back in my life, I just want him.

  26. Going to be doing this tonight. I have everything in place now.

  27. If I do not have access to the roots and other supplies, can I still dress my dimes and candle with my menstral blood and store them until my supplies get here. Or is this something that needs to be done all in a certain period of time. Aso I read another site that said to add Lodestone, Magnetic Sand, Dragons Blood Calamus Root, and Licorice Root . Is this necessary or just helpful. And would the dragons blood seed to be resin or oil? I may start my menses anyday now but am waiting on my supply order. Or is there a way to collect my menstral blood to use for later.

  28. Yes, you can do this ahead of time, if necessary. I personally would see it as strengthening their energies prior to putting everything together when you have it all and are ready to construct your Nature Sack. As for the other ingredients from the other site's list - all great items, and it's your choice whether or not to include them. Sometimes, specific ingredients are geographically significant. What one area uses another doesn't. But it all works.

    The Dragon's Blood would be the resin, but a drop or 2 of the oil would be beneficial too. Either way would work. :)

    Hope that helps. :)

  29. Here is a question Ive been thinking about and havent asked. I am aware of the name paper and the persons name being important. What is the correct procedure for using the name. My love has his given name but goes by a completely different name. Would I use his birth name, his current name, or both. For instance John Charles Smith aka Charles Shaffer. Thank you so much for your help and wisdom.I plan to start my sack and then will feed it with the other beneficial items over time.

    1. Some people say you should use the birth name. Others feel it should be the name they go by - because this is the chosen name they prefer for themselves. As one who had my name misspelled when the hospital printed out the birth certificate, AND my entire life I felt it was the wrong name for me anyway, I changed my name from the nickname that was my given name, to the formal version of it and my nickname (that family & friends call me) is the correct spelling that my given name was supposed to be. And since doing so my life has altered for the better in unbelievable ways.

      SO, to answer your question. I would consider a couple of things - is the work to be of a personal nature or one that is of a legal nature?

      If it is personal (love, money, health, job, etc.), then I'd use the name he goes by. If it is of a legal nature that involves something to do with anything requiring lawful authority (attorney's, courts, buying & selling property, business, etc.), then I would use their given name.

  30. Hi Granny Tackett,
    what an amazing blog you have, so much great information! Thank you so much! I just have a question about the Nature Sack. You made another post about it under Knot Magick from the 25.March 2012 which seems bit more elaborate like using 7 candles and so on. Which one would you recommend? Is it just a matter of preference and how much work you are willing to put into it? I have the roots, Fire of love oil, coins, personal concerns..never heard about Sigils for a Nation sack but if it helps...:)

    1. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it. :)

      I'm a pure simplist - the easier I can do something the more likely I am to do it. However, there are times that I feel that a bit of extra work is NEEDED for a working. I go by my gut feeling on everything. If some thought pops in my head, I go with it, because I consider that thought to be a voice from someone other than me, who is guiding me to do something, which will benefit me or the work I'm doing.

      Once I began doing that - I have never had a work fail me since! The more you listen, the more that voice will speak to you. :)

  31. I think I am listening to that voice more and more.. And I found that the most easiest and most spontanous work can be the most efficient sometimes, I got so stressed out when I started because I thought I needed all those fancy things.. but I don't think I do. Thank you so much for your reply, it's much appreciated!! Be blessed! :)

    1. :) You're very welcome!

      Yes, when we relax, listen to the voice that whispers in our minds, and just "DO", then it is incredible how fast and fully the works we do will manifest.