Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Destroyer Oil

Black Destroyer Oil

This oil has no set formula, only that the ingredients be specific to defense of & from negative/evil energies and actions aimed at you. Use to destroy and stop in their tracks curses, hexes, hatred, resentments, envy and any evil intention towards you, your family or friends, or your home and to help people clear serious situations from their lives. 

Once the oil is made place on your altar to consecrate. Use it to dress the candle in your ritual. For added power & energy roll the oil dressed candle in Black Destroyer Powder as well.

There should be a minimum of 10 ingredients (not including the oil) used in the formula. The following list are only a few of the usual choices. 

(Note: To make Black Destroyer Powder, combine your chosen ingredients, grind to a powder and burn on a charcoal or dress a candle).

Olive Oil
Burnt Chicken Feather (black preferable)
Sweet Basil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Powdered Charcoal (ritual use, not cook-out type)
Cayenne Powder
High John Root
Pomegranate Seed (dried)
Iron scrapings
Graveyard Dirt
Hot Foot Powder
Black Snake Root

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