Saturday, November 10, 2012


So, here's the follow-up bindrune that I mentioned in the last post. We are sooo wanting to get this place sold so we can finally get out to our place in Kansas and get started renovating it. So I've built a bindrune for that purpose.

The phrase I'm working with is this:

Sell The Kentucky Property And Move To Kansas Property Now

The first letter of each word are these: "STKPAMTKN"

These are the runes for each letter that will be combined into the bindrune:

I especially like that, for this one I have 9 runes. Totally unplanned, but a perfect Witch's number!

And here is the combined runes into the bindrune:

I chose green for money, income, abundance, the color of the trees & the grass in the pastures on both properties, and selling property is just "green" to me. For others it may be some other color.

I will be placing this bindrune in my purse, in my husband's wallet, and on the main altar. I will also inscribe it on the front porch and on the road leading to the house with money oil. This, along with the St. Joseph ritual (and St. Joseph buried in the front yard), I think the property will sell rather quickly! Hubby doesn't want to move in winter but I'm at the point where I really don't care, I just want to move! Granted, if it's snowing I won't be so happy about it - there's no heat at the other property. But that could be remedied asap, I'm sure! ;)

So, now that the bindrune is complete, and it's posted here, I will now proceed to place it in all the appropriate places!

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