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Building Bindrunes Lesson

Building Bindrunes Lesson
As I have already posted a couple of the bindrunes I've made recently, I thought it might be a good idea to give a lesson on building a bindrune. This can also apply to making one's own sigil or other purpose. A bindrune is a combining of letters or symbols (usually from an ancient or magickal alphabet) for the express purpose of manifesting a desired action such as protection, money, employment, basically anything you need or want. Although I would definitely put needs above wants. You're more likely to have a greater success rate.

Something to consider when making a bindrune is to consider the culture from which the alphabet letter or symbols come from. I prefer the Elder Futhark Runes. Some use the Theban or Witch's Alphabet. Others may use the Hebrew or any number of ancient alphabet symbols. As I use the Elder Futhark I'll base my explanation on it.

The Norse were a strong, powerful, honor-driven, society. There was no room for weakness. Weakness brought potential harm or death to themselves and/or the village itself. It was a kill or be killed environment. Using even this simplistic description it then becomes quite obvious that the Nordic runes are not meant for works that need a "soft" touch. These runes bring with them a very powerful punch (think Thor here with his mighty hammer!)

For comparison, the Hebrew alphabet used in works do not hold the same energy. It is a much older alphabet, from a society that has consistently throughout its history been that of slaves or the oppressed; their family & ancestral ties are incredibly strong, and they are historically, the world's monetary exchange! Based on this information then, the Hebrew alphabet bindrunes would be best used for monetary/employment works, works regarding family dynamics, ancestral contact, as well as removing obstacles.

This is not to say that the same cannot be used for any of the various ancient alphabets & symbols, only that the historical energies behind them bring different types and levels of energy. You just have to know what you're wanting, find the alphabet with the energies you want and use them. As I said previously, I prefer the Elder Futhark Runes. They are a part of my ancestral background. And I use them for any situation. But what I'm saying is that if you're not drawn to any one ancient alphabet in particular, then use the energies of the one best suited to your need. And of course, a little historical research will be in order if you don't already know at least something about the culture or source of your chosen alphabet.

Now to build a bindrune. The following is a part of the lesson I teach on Seals, Sigils & Bindrunes at Midnight Blue Pagan Study Center.

Making a Bindrune
Every Rune has its own meaning (because it is also a form of written language), intent and energy. By combining certain chosen Runes for their specific energies you can design a Bindrune that will contain considerable powers towards its purpose, whether manifestation of something, protection of its bearer, or healing, or whatever it was you designed it for.

Find the Runes you need. For our example we will design a Bindrune for personal protection. The powers of the Runes are most affective when used in a relative sequence of starting Rune, beginning Rune, central Runes, and the two Runes for sealing the energies.

There are two consensus regarding whether to use all the Runes that would apply to your need or only just a few. The first holds to the belief that the Bindrune then holds the energies of anything that could apply to the intent of the Bindrune being designed. The latter opinion is that it will be easier to remember the Runes that went into making the Bindrune. 

I, personally, believe in using all that would apply. The reason being that each of the Runes do then attach their energies and powers to the Bindrune, and these energies coalesce into one. Which is the reason for using a Bindrune in the first place. Also, the point regarding too many Runes being hard to remember is a ridiculous argument, because the reason for making a Bindrune is to have a “new” Rune to work with that is all yours. So all you have to remember is the new Rune, not all those that went into making it!

With that said, let’s make a Protection Bindrune using the following Runes:

Wyrd - Blank rune is the starting Rune, which is placed before the “official” first rune, Fehu, because it is energy at its most basic and must be programmed & controlled by the subsequent Runes. This Rune, since it is blank, has the square as its shape due to its relationship to all four directions and the four elements. This square is then what surrounds, or frames, the Bindrune formed by the other Runes. 

Fehu  should always be the “official” first Rune in the sequence because it is used to expedite any circumstance or situation and to send magickal power to strengthen surrounding Runes toward the desired result.

Thurisaz  is the next in the sequence due to its wielding of the powers of destruction or self-defense. It is power directed by the sheer force of your will.

Kaunaz  Rune protects your valuables and anything you place this Rune on. It also banishes any negative energies coming at you.

Algiz  is another Rune for the purpose of protection because it is the “Hero’s Rune” to protect & defend yourself, loved ones and your possessions. It also repels danger, theft & destructive energies and banishes & diminishes the power of those wishing ill-will toward you.

Berkano  provides protection from an emotional level directed from yourself to what ever the need may be.

Wunjo  should be used as the next to the last Rune to ensure a successful and happy ending to be manifested. This Rune harmonizes & channels energies toward clearly specified intents.

Ing  Binds, fixes, and holds the desired outcome in any situation. It keeps the powers from diminishing in the magickal works you’ve done and prevents you from losing, or being stolen from, that which you’ve worked for.

For ease of being able to see what I’ve done, each Rune is a different color.

Image 2: Blank Rune

Image 3: Fehu Rune

Image 4: Thurisaz Rune

Image 5: Kaunaz Rune

Image 6: Algiz Rune

Image 7: Berkano Rune

Image 8: Wunjo Rune

Image 9: Ing Rune

To come to the arrangement I like, after trying several that I didn’t, the following is how each of the Runes were arranged and adjusted. I made sure to place each in order, so as to keep the continuity of the energies flowing properly.

Image 10: Blank Rune

Image 11: Fehu adjusted

Image 12: Thurisaz adjusted

Image 13: Kaunaz adjusted

Image 14: Algiz adjusted

Image 15: Berkano adjusted

Image 16: Wunjo adjusted

Image 17: Ing unchanged

And this is the final result:

Image 18: Completed Protection Bindrune - colors showing overlaying of each

Image 19: Completed Protection Bindrune

So, now you know how to go about making a Bindrune of your own. The steps are easy, follow them and you’ll have a Bindrune that is specific to you and your needs and holds your powers combined with those of your chosen Runes.

To review:
1) Review the Runes and their meanings
2) Choose the Runes you’ll use
3) Remember to always use the Blank Rune as your framework around the others
4) Remember to always use the Wunjo & Ing Runes as the final two Runes so you seal in and insure the success of your Bindrune

Copyright 2010, Granny Tackett

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