Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ok, I'm sure you're wondering what in the hell is that!? LOL

Well, it is a bindrune to banish negativity from your life, and you just don't know what that negativity is! Specifically it is from these words:

I Don't Know What It Is But I Want It Gone

I've taken the first letter of each word: "IDKWIIBIWIG"

Used the corresponding Rune symbol for each letter (changed out the "K" in "know" for an "N"):

Combined them together:

And I now have a bindrune for banishing all negativity, whether I know what it is or not!

I've made several; one for my purse, one for my desk by the computer, one for my car, one for the altar (might make one for each altar (I have 6)), and I will probably make one for just about anything else I can think of to apply it to. I also use banishing & protection oils to inscribe the symbol on my forehead.

For your own bindrune you can build your own using your own phrase, first letters, and symbols or you can use this one if it draws you to. I have bindrunes all over my home for multiple purposes. They work beautifully!

When building and consecrating the bindrune always be sure to concentrate on each rune as you draw its lines. Then once the bindrune is drawn, retrace the lines and envision all of the negativity you feel is around you or may be coming to you, is banished with the intensity of a hurricane wind or a tornado. See it literally "blown away". IF you know who may be sending you this negative energy, then be sure to see it blowing right back at them with a hundred times more power. Literally "blow" them away!

**Note here: If you're one who believes in the 3-Fold Law or follows the Wiccan Rede or other mamby pamby softass crap, either get over it and fucking defend yourself like a goddamn Witch would or just pussyfoot your bindrune around in all that love & light and hope it will help. But please note that the culture and time from which the Runes come was NOT one of "love & light, rainbows & lollipops". It was fight for your life, kill or be killed, defend that which is yours and might makes right. Bindrunes aren't for pussies.

The next one I make will be for selling the property so we can move. I'll post it when it's complete.

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