Friday, January 24, 2014

Energy Focus with Fractals

Energy Focus with Fractals
I know this is a bit on the "new agey" side, but you'll have to save judgment until you've tried it! And to make it more to your liking, then bring in the Divine Energies of your choice; God, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, the Gods, and/or Goddesses. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that the Divine Spirit's Energies are called upon to aid you in your healing & works.

One of the pages I "like" on Facebook introduced this concept after they found it listed elsewhere online. So I tried it with the fractal they had and was very surprised at the level of relaxation I was able to receive in just that short amount of time. I have always sucked at meditation, but I think that this method is definitely something I can do and thus reap the benefits of 1) meditation, 2) Reiki/energy healing, and 3) general well-being.

So, it goes like this:

Find a fractal in the images on a search engine. The FB page admin preferred triangles due to their high level of energy that emits from them. I agree, but for me, triangles are not pleasing to look at. I do not like their angularity. I like curves. So, I looked through the spiral fractal designs and found more than I could ever begin to use!

I like spirals because they are the symbol of the 5th Element, Spirit, and means "coming into being".

Spirals that turn clockwise (from center outward) are Spirit descending into Man.

Spirals that turn counter-clockwise (from center outward) are Man ascending into Spirit.

Here are some of the Spiral Fractals I found. Most that I found were the clockwise Spirals, far fewer were the counter-clockwise Spirals.

If I am going to do a Reiki healing, then a clockwise, Spirit descending to Man Spiral would be best. I would also probably use a purple/lavender or gold colored one as well, as purple/lavender is the color of Spirit, and gold is the color of the healing Sun. Here's one I found that has both colors, looks like a galaxy with a Sun in the center. Perfect!

For those who are Reiki Practitioners, you can focus your Reiki into the fractal, then use it for meditation or self-healing. For those who are not Reiki Practitioners, you can just focus on the fractal and send the energies into it that you wish to receive from it. You would only have to do this once, and it is then ready for use any time you need it for meditation or self-healing.

If I am doing a work that would involve blending my energies with the Divine's then I would use a counter-clockwise, Man ascending into Spirit Spiral. Depending on the work, I would find a Spiral Fractal in the appropriate color, or one that I just really draws me to it.

This first one below, to me, is perfect for any general work as well as for money & financial gain. The second one below is so beautiful that I would use it for just about anything!

So, as stated previously, the way this works is you send Divine Energies into the Spiral of your choice, through infusing Spirit or sending Reiki into the fractal design. Then, sit comfortably and stare (not forcefully) into the design for 2 minutes at least. Then close your eyes and relax (for at least 5 minutes) letting the energies fill you and do their work.

At the least you will come away a little more relaxed, and at most feeling wonderful with some of your aches & pains washed away! Doing this exercise several times a week will bring about great health & mental improvements.

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