Monday, January 13, 2014

STFU/Stop Gossip Beef Tongue Spell

STFU/Stop Gossip Beef Tongue Spell
This is one spell that I have been wanting to do for some time. Unfortunately I just haven't had the occasion to do so - yet. But regardless, I wanted to share what I've put together for when I do have the occasion to use it.

Materials & Ingredients:
Beef Tongue
Black String or Yarn
Heavy Gauge Needle
Brown Paper for Petition Paper
Seals of Solomon* (see list below)
Black Ink Pen 
STFU/Stop Gossip Powder & Oil** (see recipe below)
9 Rusty Nails
9 Pins
9 Needles
Black Candle
Plate (preferably black or brown colored)

Petition Paper - 
On the brown paper write the person's name 9 times, once per row, or 3 times per row if you prefer (I do). For example:

Name, Name, Name
Name, Name, Name
Name, Name, Name

Next, turn the paper to the left (counter-clockwise) and write over the name:


Dab some of the STFU oil on the Petition Paper in the Quincunx Cross:

*      *
*      *

Dust the Petition Paper with the STFU powder and fold it in half, away from you, turn to the left (counter clockwise) and fold away from you again, and then again one more time (3x's total).

Candle - 
Dress the candle with the STFU oil & powder.
While dressing the candle, repeat words to have the person's tongue tied & bound from speaking gossip any longer. For example:

I tell you now halt your gossip, Halt it now!
As this tongue is tied, So is yours right now.
Never more to speak in ill,
Of me or others is my will.
Tied & bound is your tongue from now on,
Your gossip is stopped and forever gone.
STFU! is what I command,
Your silence I now demand.

Beef Tongue - 
Place the tongue on the plate.
Slice a deep cut down the center line of the tongue.
Stuff the Petition Paper inside the slit.
Sprinkle the STFU powder into the slit.
Using the heavy gauge needle and the black string or yarn, tie the entire slice back together, sewing the Petition Paper & the STFU powder inside.
While sewing repeat your spell, or pray that your enemy's tongue be tied shut so they can no longer gossip or cause harm against you.
Rub the STFU oil all over the tied tongue.
Stick the 9 rusty nails, pins, and needles into the tongue.
Make a cut and insert the black candle into the cut so it will stand up on the tongue
Sprinkle the remainder of the STFU powder over the tongue.
While doing all of this be sure to be reciting your spell or prayer to stop your enemy from gossiping about you.
Light the candle and let it burn down completely.
Disposal - 
There are several methods of disposal. Here is a list of a few (and you may even think of others):

Throw away - preferably in a dumpster away from your home
Bury - in a cemetery. Be sure to leave an offering of whiskey and a dime.
Cook - cook it and eat it, and while doing so see the person's will to gossip being crushed as you chew.
Pickle - place the tongue in a jar of vinegar and let pickle. This can be kept for a while, stored away in a cabinet, buried permanently, or thrown away in such a way that it will not be broken open. You want them to "stew" and "pickle" in their own mess.
Freeze - place the tongue in the freezer to aid in "freezing" their gossip. Keep it there as long as you feel is needed, and eventually throw it away some place where it will rot. Thus, you've frozen their tongue and then given them a "bad taste" in their mouth when/if they gossip again.

*Seals of Solomon
1st Pentacle of Saturn - compel others to submit to the possessor's wishes & requests
4th Pentacle of Saturn - to impose their will upon others
7th Pentacle of Saturn - to make others listen and tremble before the words of the bearer
3rd Pentacle of Jupiter - defends & protects against any enemy
4th Pentacle of Mars - to bring victory or vindication in an argument or battle of any kind
6th Pentacle of Mars - the owner cannot be harmed, and if attacked, the enemy's weapon will turn against them (in this case their gossip)
1st Pentacle of the Sun - to bring the possessor all things they may desire
**STFU Powder
Sulfur (easiest method is to just scrape off the end of a matchstick)
Slippery Elm
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Chili Pepper Seeds
STFU Powder
Virgin Olive Oil


  1. So where does one use the Seals then?

  2. These could be placed inside the tongue before it's tied up, or they could be placed on the altar around it during the ritual. Then when the tongue is disposed of in whatever manner you've decided upon, the Seals could be disposed of along with the tongue. :) There is no "absolute". It's just whatever you choose to do.

  3. How many names can go into the tongue? And thank you for giving examples.I didnt understand other websites, but you make it clear.

    1. Thank you, I try to make things as clear as possible.

      I'm sure some people would say that you could/should only have one or two names per tongue. However, I did have a client who said they had 'some' names written out on brown paper for me to add to the tongue I was to do. The brown paper was an entire full-size paper bag opened out and filled front and back with names! There were hundreds of them! The client was a 'regular' so I let them get away with it, but honestly, I really wouldn't go more than a dozen, and that can be a bit much.
      It's best to stick with the major perpetrators and those on the periphery will be taken care of as well through contact with the main ones. You could have their names on a paper and place it under the tongue on the altar, then discard everything in whatever manner you choose (freezing, burying, burning, flushing - whatever).
      I hope that helps, if not, please ask more questions and I'll be happy to help. :)

  4. How many names can go into the tongue? And thank you for giving examples.I didnt understand other websites, but you make it clear.

    1. as many as you want, i read that you can put the names or photos (even better then the names) then also all the hot spicy burning stuff in the toungue, needle and thread.

      as for disposing it, Cemetery (tossing over wall and leaving rum and change) or burring it there or under a tree bark, or crossroads to send it 4 directions or even dropping it in a river during a waxing or full moon, to totally derange the perpetrators slandering or defaming you, but i read someone froze a tongue then when they put it in a river the slander got so out of hand in such a crazy way it was almost impossible to believe any of it, the jerks went as far as claiming the victim was a terrorist over the weekend, they even wanted the court to believe they lost their minds, in one case i know of a person young who the victim had no idea was into magic turned up dead, the person had secret envy and hate and was doing all the slandering

    2. i should mention a good toungue trick with a jar if one has no freezer, if you can get a big enough jar and its possible to shove a toungue inside after twisting it with nails etc, put aluminium foil facing inwards inside the walls of the jar, sort of like the mirror box spell, then also on the outside of the jar facing in, dont look at the foil or wear sun glasses, once the toungue is inside fill it up with vinigarm piss in it then seal it all with black wax, again mofe foil inwards around the whole jar.... this is very effective.

    3. Great information, thank you, Moi Nom! I appreciate it!

    4. Thank you, Inspired. :) Yes, Moi Nom is correct - as many as you want. Although, I will add that when someone sends you a list of names on 4 full size brown paper bags, all opened out and written on - front AND back (making 8 pages total), I have to say THAT was a bit extreme! :) I don't think that happens very often though, so yes, basically, however many you want!


  5. How long does it take to work? Can it be done days before or a day before You need it to work?

    1. Some do, yes! Some may take a little bit of time, but regardless, it does work. :)