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Black Chicken Concerns

Black Chicken Feathers
A famous quote:
"They say that the night-wandering demons, who rejoice in dunnest shades, at the crowing of the cock tremble and scatter in sore affright."

Black Cock Feathers:
1. Sweepers/Hand Brooms - sweep off hexes. Black Hen puts on the hexes; and the Rooster takes them off (The Rooster always makes the Hen submit, etc.)

(my picture ~ This one I made from cock's feathers, so will be used for removal of negative energy)

2. Feather Balls - place in pillows - headaches and wasting sickness

3. Lust charms - draws women (think of the song "Hen Layin' Rooster”)

4. Thread 2 in the form of a cross; through a buckeye, high john, or walnut; to ward off the evil eye.

5. Keep a black cock feather on the altar to the Man.

6. Burn them and add the ashes to purification powders.

7. Tie nine black feathers together and placed them over the door lintels so that no witches (negativity) could walk underneath and enter the home.

8. Add a black feather in a person's mojo bag.

Black Chicken Feet 
Take dried & preserved (preferably) black chicken feet and make a Protection Fetish.

(not my picture)

A Few Black Chicken Tidbits
Remove feathers and chop the legs off for preserving. Never know when you might need them!

The Frizzly Rooster can detect buried conjure and scratch it up.

The Cock is also the harbinger of the Dawn and it is believed that demons fear cock crow because of their power to break the night.

Black Chicken Spells
The eggs and feathers of black hens can be used for good or for ill.

To use hen's eggs for good, one generally rolls them over the body (raw and in the shell) allowing them to absorb all negativity and evil. Once they have been rolled over the body, they are thrown away. This is done in a number of ways, depending on the practitioner -- they may be flushed down the toilet, thrown into running water (creek, river, ocean), thrown out with the trash, or thrown and broken at the base of a tree or in a crossroads.

To work with a hen's egg, write the enemy’s name on the egg, then the egg is generally poked open at one end and certain ingredients are added:

To Make People Move
Red pepper & graveyard dirt

To Hurt Someone
Red pepper, sulphur, & feces

It is common practice to throw such a prepared egg over the house of the enemy, preferably from to East to West so they will "leave with the setting Sun" or to throw it at their front door, to break it, so they'll have to step in the mess.

Jewish Black Pullet Spell
Jewish black pullet (young hen) egg spell from the Middle Ages, translated from the Yiddish:

"Take an egg from a hen that is all black and has never laid
an egg before. Take the egg she laid on a Thursday. Take the
egg on Thursday night after sunset, and bury it at the
crossroads. And on Tuesday, take the egg from there after
sunset. And buy a mirror (in trade for) for the egg, and
bury the mirror at the same crossroads after sunset in Frau
Venus' Namen ('in the name of Lady Venus') and say, 'allhie
begrab ich diesen Spiegel in der Liebe, die Frau Venus zu
dem Tannhaeuser hat' (Here I bury this mirror in the love
that Lady Venus has for Tannhaeuser'). And let it lie there
for three days, and take it out; and whoever looks into it
will love you."

From Munich Hebrew manuscript 235, 13a, c. 15th century; text in Josef Perles, "Holda, Venus, Tannhaeuserlied, Hollekreisch..." Jubelschrift zum siebzigsten geburstage des Prof. Dr. H. Graetz (Breslau, 1887), p. 25. 

Black Chickens to Keep for Spell Purposes:
Black Frizzles – best choice
Black Minorcas
Black Bantam Cochins
Rose Comb Black Bantam
Black Houdan
Black Australorp
White Crested Black Polish – last resort choice

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