Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Great Evergreen Balm Y'all Might Like

Here's a balm recipe that I found and thought y'all might like to try, I know I am definitely going to make this! I'll be gathering some pine & cypress from the woods this afternoon.


How to Make Evergreen Balm
by Kiva Rose

There's a really good Evergreen Balm at the webpage above. I had it posted here, but the liberal, rule-loving assholes that own Blogger decided that I was "stealing" it. Never mind I had the ENTIRE ARTICLE, THE AUTHOR'S NAME AND THE WEBPAGE LINK posted here and a note before the article stating that IT WASN'T MINE, that I'd gotten it FROM KIVA ROSE. So FUCK YOU PEOPLE -YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!


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