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Knot Magicks

Knot Magicks

Throwing Out Poverty
To rid your home of poverty, stand in the middle of your home, in the early morning, holding a black cord in your hands.

Face compass North and say as you tie a square knot:
"I knot you knot."

Face East and say as you tie a square knot:
"I bind you bound."

Face South and say as you tie a square knot:
"All house bound poverty,"

Face West and say as you tie a square knot:
"Tied and gone."

Take the knotted cord and get rid of it, as far away from your home as possible. Upon your return, begin a day's work of cleaning to help remove any residual negative energy.

The Binding of Two People
The binding of two figures, each representing a person, is one of the oldest forms of love magick. It is also one of those practices that can be used with or against someone's will as has been shown time and time again in folk tales around the world.

To begin, two dolls or other representations are needed.

It was once a practice among the followers of Islam to tie two sticks together, one representing the husband and the other the wife.

Clay dolls are recorded in history as having been used in bindings.

Some practitioners, both from ancient times and present times, prefer to make a doll of each person from an article of their clothing.

Another method would be to make corn husk dolls with the name of each person written upon them.

Something as simple as writing each name on separate pieces of paper will achieve the desired results.

Once the representations have been made, the practitioner must "breathe life" into them.
In ancient Egypt, this would have been done by simply speaking the name that the doll represents over the doll and then breathing on it.

Another way, as mentioned above, is by writing a name on the doll of the person it represents.
Finally, one must physically bind the representations or dolls together. For matters of love, either red or white string is used. The string is then wrapped around the dolls thirteen times and knotted nine times.

The representations or dolls are then to be kept in a safe place so that no harm comes to them and also in case there is a need to separate the two people that have been bound together.
To bury the representations in the earth would mean that the bound couple will one day die together.

To burn the representations would mean that they will be consumed by their love for each other.
To throw the representations into water would bring about their ruin as a result of their being united.

To Bind From Harm
Use this spell to prevent someone from harming themselves and others. Tie nine knots in a cord while saying each time, "I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others." When you are finished say, 

"Three times three, I bind you, (name), from harming yourself and from harming others." 

Then burn the cord so that the knots may never come undone.

Tie nine knots in a length of thread and then tie the cord around the afflicted body part. Wear for a few minutes, visualizing what ails you, and then untie all the knots, releasing the ailment, and throw the thread into running water. (Please, please, please use a natural fiber.)

To Prevent Nightmares
Suspend from the ceiling or hang on the wall above your bed a holed stoned on a cord containing nine knots.

Love/Binding Spell
Take 3 cords or string of the colour(s) which symbolize your need. Knot one end to represent your self. Braid the cord/string until you reach the other end. Knot that end to represent the one you love. Visualize the two of you coming together as one and knot the center of the braid. Keep the braid in a safe place if it is a binding spell. If you are using this to attract love, keep it on your person or wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet until love is found.

To Ensure A Happy Marriage
Take an article of your clothing and one of his/hers; something that won't be missed, such as a sock. Tie them together and hide in a place where they won't be found.

Healing Knot
Tie nine knots in a piece of red string and wear around your neck to help cure a headache.

Releasing Hate/Anger
Focus on all of your hate and anger and then tie a knot. Visualize your anger tied up in that knot. Then undo the knot, releasing your anger and then throw the cord into the fire.

Tie nine knots in a cord while visualizing a protective image such as a shield or a circle of white light around you or your home. Carry the cord with you for personal protection or hang inside your home.

Simple Needs Knot
Take a cord in the appropriate colour and visualize/feel your need. Once you've built up as much emotion as you can, knot the cord firmly once. Keep the cord in a safe place until your need is met.

To Rid Of Troubles
Concentrate on something that is troubling you. When you are full of emotion, firmly tie a knot in the cord and then leave the room and the cord behind for awhile. Later on, after you're relaxed and focused, go back into the room and untie the knot, releasing what has been troubling you. Visualize it disappearing.

There are three things that you may do with the cord after your need is met:
1. Burn it so that the knot may never come undone.
2. Keep it in a safe place where it won't be disturbed.
3. Bury it in the earth.

String Love Spell To Attract Love
On a friday night of the waning moon, cut two red or pink strings of equal length. Before going to sleep, place these two strings on your altar to form a heart. Upon waking the next morning, take the two strings, line them up and tie nine knots in them, together, saying with each knot:

"Love is bound to come to me."

Of course, don't think of any specific person while doing this. Feel love flowing through you, namely your gut area. Keep this talisman with you until love has found its way to you, then place the bound strings in a safe place.

You can embellish this spell further by soaking the strings in rose oil, placing rose or carnations upon your altar, etc.


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