Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Herbal Infused Vinegar Spray

My herbal infused vinegar spray:

Rosemary (depending on jar size, 1 cup or more)
Orange peels (depending on jar size, 1/2 cup or more)
Vinegar (enough to cover herbals)
Glass jar w/ tight-fitting lid
Spray bottle

Place the rosemary & orange peels in the jar, filling it completely, then carefully pour in and cover with vinegar. 

Infuse in the jar for at least a week - the longer the better.

Pour into a spray bottle (straining out the herbal materials), only fill about 1/4 full, filling the remainder with water.

The herbals should be left in the jar, refill the vinegar to let it infuse for re-filling the spray bottle when that is all used. (Mine has been done this way 3x's over the last year and it's still as potent as the when it was first started).

This works great on all surfaces, including windows.

While cleaning your home envision it being purified and cleansed of not just mundane dirt, but ethereal nasties as well!

AzureGreen- Celebrating All Paths to the Divine

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