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Wicca: "The Old Religion" - NOT!

Wicca: "The Old Religion" - NOT!

In a recent discussion regarding the phrase "The Old Religion", referring to Wicca, I presented a point of view that seems to have escaped everyone - including the clergy who conducted the interrogations during the Inquisition.

"My take regarding the "old religion" being what is practiced today is that historically Villages A, B, & C were under the feudal control of Castle 1. Villages D, E, & F were under Castle 2, which was at least "a day's ride" away. Which meant a minimum of 20 miles if traveling slowly, or maybe as far as 40 miles if traveling at a faster, steady pace.

The villagers under each castle knew or were familiar with the villagers of each of those nearby villages. Traveling was dangerous, and usually by walking, maybe riding a horse, or for the sake of commerce by slow cart. Most of the residents of Villages A, B, & C would more than likely never  have contact with residents of Villages D, E, & F. Now, the royals of the castles would definitely travel to visit each other, but not without a significant entourage or small army.

Strangers coming into a town were looked upon with suspicion. "Moving" like we do today, is something that just would not have happened. These people were born & raised in the same set of villages under the same castle lord.

Now, throw in the village "witch". Do you honestly think these people would travel to other villages for Sabbats?! That would involve 1) traveling alone, 2) traveling to an unknown village (where others don't already know you, because you surely couldn't visit your immediate neighbor villages!), 3) consorting with complete strangers. There's not a chance in hell they would do this.

So I see the concept of these "Sabbats" - witches' gatherings - as purely made-up concepts of the Inquisition. The term "sabbat" itself was first used by Nicholas Jacquier in 1458 to replace the word "synagogue" to describe the meeting places of witches & heretics, and heretics were usually Jews - a forbidden religion by the Church. They needed scapegoats, so anyone not obedient to the Church, or "different", or whose name was given in the torture session of another.

All of this is a concept that newbies, and/or those who refuse to understand that Wicca is NOT new, refuse to see. When, with the application of even the slightest bit of logic & critical thinking, would show them otherwise."

Another in the discussion added a few more interesting viewpoints, "Besides that, the villages which were exclusive, the people within them would only know, and worship their local gods, and festivities. Anyone else coming through espousing another god or holiday would be met with opposition and scorn.  Most certainly no welcome mat would be extended to the foreign witch, never mind fellowship.  Add this on top of the already suspicious manner of which they, the outsiders are already looked at by the village.

Systems like hermetic Quabalah (which is heavily found in Wicca religion because Gardner loved it so) would be meaningless to everyone but the Jewish sect.  Even the Jewish sect itself did not mix and match gods and holidays the way Wiccans promote, and did not know of their Rede or laws.  So chances are excellent they probably would not even be welcomed in that group for very long."

So, the next time someone gloriously exclaims their "Old Religion", I will have quite an argument to put forth from which to disprove their ridiculous, factless, claim.


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