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Honey Jar Spell How-To

Honey Jar Spell How-To

Jar w/ metal lid
Sweetener of your choice:
  Sugar, Honey, Karo Syrup, Maple Syrup, Fruit Syrup, Molasses, etc.
Pencil/Pen/Marker in the appropriate color, if you choose
Candle in the appropriate color
Dressing oil appropriate to the spell to dress the candle
Personal curios or items (at least one hair from each person is essential)

Originally the color of the syrup/sweetener was chosen according to the person's skin color: White person - Light Karo Syrup, Latino person - Maple Syrup, Black person - Blackstrap Molasses, etc. The color of the paper used was also chosen according to the person's skin color. Of course, in this day and age of "politically correct" bullshit this is ignored or considered "wrong". My opinion on this is - BULLSHIT!

Tear the paper so the edges are all rough and not clean-cut.

Dress the candle with the oil. A white candle can be used for general blessings & healing, red for sexual intents, pink for romance or reconciliation, brown for legal matters, etc. Just make sure your candle is appropriate to the work's intent. If you don't have colored candles always use white - the all-purpose color.

Write the person's name on it 3x's, in a column, not across the paper.

Turn the paper clockwise 90 degrees and write your name (or the other person in the spell) across the top of the first names written. Again, in a column, not across the paper.

This will give the effect of a tic-tac-toe grid, and is referred to as Crossing & Covering.

Draw a circle around the criss-crossed names, then write your wish in one continuous run of cursive letters with no spaces and without lifting your pen between words or to cross t's or dot i's. Just write the words all as one long word, ending exactly where you began so it becomes a complete unbroken circle of words. 

Once this is done, then go back to cross the t's and dot the i's.

A good tip is to keep the spell simple: "lovemelovemeloveme", "assistmeassistmeassistme", "bringtomebringtomebringtome", etc. - you get the idea.

If you happen to lift your pen - your bad! LOL Now you have to start all over again, so be careful!

Now add the items gathered: herbs &/or roots appropriate to the intent, hair from both people. If you use hair from each person - tie them together if they're long enough to do so.

Place the hairs on the Crossing & Covering paper.

Fold the paper toward you to bring what you want, speaking your wish out loud as you fold the paper.

Turn the paper and fold it toward you again, and again speaking your wish out loud as you fold the paper.

Keep repeating until you can no longer fold the paper.

Take a bite of the sweetener, then place the folded paper into the jar.

As you eat the bite of sweetener say something to the effect of:
  As this ____(sweetener of choice you used) is sweet to me,
  So will I (or the name of the first person in the spell) become sweet to ___ (name of second person in
  the spell).

Repeat the bite of sweetener and the words of the spell 3x's.

Close the jar lid tightly and place the dressed candle on top (if necessary, melt the candle's base to soften the wax to help it adhere to the jar lid without falling over).

Light the candle and allow it to burn completely out. 

Repeat this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for as long as it takes for the spell to manifest. Just add another candle on top of the wax of the previous candle. If it has to go on long enough you may lose sight of the jar completely!

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  1. I accidentally dropped my Honey Jar Spell into my bath tub when I was running a bath for a cleansing love ritual before I was going to work on my Jar. This of course broke my heart as it smashed into pieces! The jar I had was treated almost like it was human. It sat in the window during the sunny days and I gave it warm baths to heat the ingredients and would take it to my room and sleep with it on my night table. I spoke kind loving word to it often and worked alternating red/pink candles every Friday,Monday,Wednesday. It was working slow but was working. Anyways after having a melt down.I washed away the ingredient and said loving things as it went down the drain. Not sure that matters. I did manage to save some honey,herbs the stones I had inside and my petition paper as well as a little piece of cloth that had our personal concerns on it that was inside the petition paper.I saved it all in a baggie and still worked a candle above it on my alter I placed it under a saucer hoping my intentions would still be noted and heard. Questions I have:
    Did I break the spell completely?
    Can I use the stuff I saved and restart? (getting personal concerns will be hard as I will not see him again for awhile)
    Or do I have to start from scratch and do a new petition, new stones etc. I can still see that the paper has the writing on it.

    Thanks for your help I felt like this was a huge slap in my face when it happened as this was a tougher week with our communication. Nothing negative just a little slow and not a lot said.

  2. I can imagine just how devastating that would be! But I wouldn't worry too much. You have the "basic" ingredients still, and the loving energies you've instilled in them is there. I would definitely begin a new one, placing that from the old one into it. Possibly even doing so on your altar and in a ritual while you put the one inside the other.

    Looking at it "on the bright side", consider that water flows, taking away from or bringing to us that which we want, and sometimes in order to "bring" it must flow out "to". So think of that which was washed down the drain more like a river carrying it to the one you're wanting, which would then bring them back around to you as the cycle of water always does (rain falls into the creek, which flows into the river, which flows into the ocean, where the clouds pull it up, and the rain falls again into the creek...). It's a cycle, so think of your "accident" as meant to be, not "OMG! I messed up!".

    ALWAYS look for a positive way of seeing something that at the moment seems detrimental. FIND the good in it. TURN IT AROUND! Things will go much better if you do.

    Good luck & blessings!

  3. Hello,
    I started my honey jar yesterday, but I want to add more things inside now. Do I have to restart the whole thing or can I just insert it into the honey jar I have now? Also, I don't have 4 in candles but I have the short round one. With my understanding I thought only the intention is required, but I'm still not sure if I have done anything wrong.

    Thank you

    1. There is no real 'wrong'. You use what you have. One candle or ten, chime candles or pillars or votives - it really doesn't matter. It's just in the 'doing' that is important.

      As for reopening and adding things - not really a good idea. By opening it you are releasing what has been done/started. You would either have to start a new one to place along side the first one, or just place the objects around the jar that is already in place.

  4. HI ihave foing a honey jsr for reconcilation/love work..for the 1st 5days I burned s white candle which burned clean with a strong stready flsme on the 7th day I burned s pink candle , it had a strong steady flame ..l left it to burn down as per usual but towards the end it burned down and popped off the lid ...with s lot of wax on the side. Tried to examine the figure but could not make it out..what does this mean and should I start a new jar?

    1. There was definitely an obstacle that presented itself. Yes, redoing the work would be in order.

  5. I have done the honey jar but on my petition paper on the circle that u have to write without picking up the pen I accidentally picked up my pen by accident. I didn’t think much of it. Is it something I should worry about or should I do another honey jar?

    1. Technically, yes, because it was 'broken.' I know it's a bother, but the spell was broken/stopped, so to make sure to keep it going, it would have to be re-written. :)