Friday, February 17, 2012

Reading For Others

 I recently had a client come in for a Tarot reading. I was very nervous as he was the first I've had here at home.  I've done readings for others for years, but those were over the phone, e-mail, or for friends. Never face-to-face for a complete stranger. Working online is one thing, but this was face-to-face right here in my home. I'm very happy to say that it went very my great (unnecessary?) surprise!

This is the Path I have been hoping to build, but I didn't realize that I'm really not quite as prepared as I thought. So a few tips I'd like to suggest......

Always call on, and expect the help of, the Gods, the Ancestors, the Dragons & Fae when you're going to do a reading. 

Not that I don't when doing distance readings, those are easy, the person isn't right in front of you. That face-to-face thing adds an entirely new set of aspects to the situation!

So, quick & simple tip today ~ don't forget the Others when doing a reading! Call on them, and then be sure to thank them afterward!

While I use various divination methods, the newest being Bone Throwing, Tarot remains the most indepth. Rune casting is an excellent method, but I don't get the depth of reading that I do in Tarot. But I did realize afterward that since I was a bit nervous, I didn't go quite into as much explanation and depth of each of the cards as I probably should have. He was nervous also, it was his first time having a reading done, so I think what he received was what it was supposed to be. Never question the Divine! :)

I am very excited at the prospect of this being the beginning of a new (more defined?) Path for me. It will have to be word-of-mouth, but if my client was happy and things begin to work for him, then maybe he'll tell others. Or others may find my number as he did - "somewhere online". LOL - yeah, that helps alot, doesn't it?!

If I can build a clientele, then I can talk hubby into getting me a small building to decorate and work from. Which will make it much easier for the clients so they don't have to work through 4 dogs while trying to get in & out of the house and to & from the reading room. 

I would like to offer Reiki sessions as well. This is a very strong Bible Belt area, so I'm not sure how all of this will come about. Maybe it's an introduction to what I could do if/when we move. I guess time will tell!

What ever happens in the future, I'm very excited at what has already occurred.

AzureGreen- Celebrating All Paths to the Divine


  1. i get nervous with most ppl during face to face readings as well. I do fine over the phone , net, email etc but I pick up energy exceedingly well and from time to time some ppls energy is just very overwhelming and it makes me nerve racked:S

  2. That is probably exactly what it was - this was his first reading and he was nervous as well. (Mostly of getting "caught" by his wife or someone he knows). But all-in-all it was a really positive reading for him and I hope he listened and is following what was presented to him, which was to be confident and positive. Every time he begins to succeed he immediately begins planning his defeat, and thus it occurs. He was wanting out of that cycle but didn't know how. I gave him some ideas, the reading told him the same thing, so I hope everything is going well for him. I'd sure love to hear from him! :D