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History of Honey Jar Spells

History of Honey Jar Spells
One of the most ancient forms of bottle spells is that of the Honey Jar Spell. The basis of the spell is a jar filled with a sweet substance such as sugar, molasses, syrup, or honey, along with the personal items of the one you are wanting to influence. Also included in the jar of sweetener are the appropriate spiritually powerful magickal herbs which are wrapped in a name-paper or petition packet. On top of the sealed jar is placed and burned a candle of the appropriate color that has been dressed with a conjure oil specifically for the intent of the working. Because everything is sealed inside the jar, it is possible to have this powerful sweetening spell going for days, weeks, months, or even years (if necessary).

An older version of the Sweetening Spells included using a plain white saucer on which is burned an oil dressed candle that has been inscribed with the person's name. The candle is surrounded by a ring of syrup or molasses. This is best done for a short time period as the sweetener will draw flies & ants. Place the candle on something that will insulate its heat from the saucer or the saucer may crack or break from the heat.

Another very simple version is to use a hollowed out red apple or red onion that holds the sweetener and the person's petition. The apple/onion is then placed inside a jar or box and the dressed candle is burned on top.

The apple/onion can also be placed under a plant you place in your garden or in a flower pot to be given to the person of interest. The plant becomes the "candle", sending out the spell's energies through its roots as well as through the air.

With the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century, the production of and easy access to sugars, syrups and other sweeteners in mercantiles and grocers made the saucer, apple & onion sweetener spells become more obsolete and less used, in place of the now easier to obtain honey jars.

Honey Jar Spells can also be hidden in plain site in your kitchen cabinet,  and no one will even know!

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