Thursday, February 16, 2012

Warding Windchime

Warding Windchime


Embroidery hoop, inner ring - 6” diameter, minimum
Leather - cut into strips
String and/or Twine
Herbs wrapped in burlap – herbs appropriate to need/intent
Beads (optional)
Miscellaneous items as needed (bones, teeth, fur pieces, etc.)

Tightly wrap the embroidery hoop ring with a long leather strip.
Tightly wrap the base of each item with the twine/string, leaving a very long tail which will be use to tie to the leather-wrapped ring.
Make a burlap pouch and fill with herbs appropriate to the need/intent. 
Attach leather strips at 4 evenly spaced locations around the  ring. Decorate with beads, if you want.
Tie these 4 strings together to form the loop to hang the chime from. 
Tie all of the items to the leather-wrapped ring, spacing so the chime hangs balanced. 
Consecrate the chime with sage and hang in the chosen place in your home. 

Note: Be sure that all of your items have aspects that correspond to the intent (herbs in the pouch, crystals, feathers (birds), etc.), i.e. home protection, financial increase, healing & health, etc. After consecrating the chime, for full magickal effect use it as the center of a ritual or spell for its particular intent.

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