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Uses for Those Great Printed Fabrics

Uses for Those Great Printed Fabrics
There are so many types of printed fabrics on the market that are perfect for specific works that I don't see the point in being a purist and only using red flannel. Yes, it's traditional, but there's nothing wrong with evolving and why not have a fabric with money printed all over it for a money bag?! How fun is that?!

So, here are some ideas for some of the great printed fabrics you can find out there:

Money Print:

  1. Money Mojo bags
  2. Abundance Altar cloth for an Abundance ritual work
  3. Cut one (or several) of the bills out of the fabric and burn it to bring an end to debt and money woes or to bring money to you rapidly
  4. Money Drawing, Money House Blessing, and Money Stay With Me spells

Chili Peppers Print:

  1. Hot Foot spells for driving away a negative person or energy, an unwanted neighbor, or a love rival
  2. Fire power to add hot, rapid energy to a work
  3. Combine with the Money print to bring money fast
Dice Print:

  1. Gambling or risk-taking money ventures (especially the flaming dice prints)
  2. Choices-to-Choose-From works
Dragon Print:

  1. Male aspects workings
  2. Working with Dragons
Hearts &/or Roses Print:

  1. Love Come to Me works
  2. Mend a Broken Heart works

These should give you an idea of what to look for and how to use them. There are many, many more designs to be found in fabric stores, so just wander the fabric aisles, get ideas, and grab the ones you want to try out. These fabrics are usually quite inexpensive per yard, so you can  stock up by-the-yard or as little as a 1/4 yd to start out with. Your choice, but have fun with it! Let your imagination run wild!

Of course, if you don't have the funds to pick up these fabrics, you can always make your own! Here's how:

White/light fabric (cotton preferably)
Crayons or Permanent Markers
Iron (pre-heated, set on Low for synthetics, Medium - High for cottons)
2 Light-weight old towels

Use the Crayons or markers to color your design on the fabric.

Lay out the completed, designed fabric on a table on top of a towel.

Lay the second towel on top of the design fabric.

Place the iron on the towel and let it set a few seconds to heat-set the design into the fabric. Move over, but overlap the last place the iron was set, again let it set a few seconds. Do this all over the design. A design done in marker will take less time. The Crayon design will melt the colored wax into the fabric (as well as stain the towels - so don't use good ones!)

Once the design has been heat-set with the iron you can now put it into the washer & dryer on the hottest settings. This will set the design permanently.

Iron the fabric smooth and you're all set to use!


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