Thursday, February 16, 2012

Staples of Rootwork

Staples of Rootwork
In rootwork there are a few staple plants that are used. What's interesting is that quite often the names used make them sound exotic, when in actuality these herbs or roots can quite often be found already growing in your yard or garden, or even in your local geographical area.

Queen Elizabeth Root = Orris Root = Iris (bulb)

Five Finger Grass = Cinquefoil (flowers & leaves)

High John the Conqueror Root = Morning Glory (root)

Rue = Herb of Grace (flowers & leaves)

Angelica is also known as Dong Quai

What about Dragon's Blood Resin?
Dragon's Blood resin is considered of vital importance in modern Hoodoo & Conjure. I've seen it written that every Hoodoo or Conjurermust have this resin. With the access we have today to acquire anything and everything we could ever want, I can understand this concept.

However, I work exclusively with that which I find naturally in my environment or will grow without great effort in my gardens. And the tree from which Dragon's Blood is harvested, absolutely cannot grow here! Never mind I'd be long dead before it would be grown enough from which to harvest it!

While I do have Dragon's Blood, it's not considered a "staple" in my herb chest.

So, the Tuesday's Tip is to use what you have. "Foreign" doesn't always mean better. In fact, what is best is that which has been infused with the energies of your own environment and geographical location!

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