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Quincunx Cross, Laying a Trick, Foot-Track Magic & Protections

Quincunx Cross: A Line: Cross-Marks
4 Stones
1 Small item (button?) belonging to intended victim

Or, if you can’t obtain something from the person:

5 Small Stones

Lay out stones in a quincunx pattern (see below). If you have an item from your intended victim, place that item in the center.

*   *
*   *

Laying a Trick
Perhaps the oldest and most traditional method for laying a trick is to use a spoon to lift up and collect the dirt of the footprint of your intended victim. You can then place the captured the footprint dirt in a paper and mix it with something like Hot Foot Powder, Goofer Dust, or Crossing Powder, toss the mixture over your left shoulder into running water, and walk away without looking back. The person will leave you alone and may have to move out of town. A river is the best running water for this spell, but if there isn't one near you, throw the mixture into a flooded drainage ditch or flush it down the toilet. Alternatively, the paper may be burned in the flame of a black candle.

Foot-Track Magic

Horse-whipping the Hate
A very old form of sympathetic foot-track magic, rarely used in modern times, consists of locating a clear impression of the enemy's foot print in the dirt and then whipping it with a horse-whip while cursing him or her by name. This is said to be as effective as making a doll-baby and torturing it to harm the one you hate.

Take Down Enemies!
A powerful gris-gris for taking down enemies.

Snake Sheds – powdered
Dirt Dauber nests
Blue Glass – powdered
Cayenne Pepper

Mix the ingredients really well.

Sprinkle it where the intended victim will be walking.

If you are not near them, sprinkle a bit of the mixture on a photo (or their name written on a piece of paper, if you have no photo), wrap everything up in a neat little package, bind with black thread and bury in a cemetery or throw away in the trash.

Killing Powder
This recipe is intended to bring sure death to the one who steps on it – just make sure only the intended victim is the one that does!

Snake Shed
Graveyard Dirt

Red Brick Dust
Lay down a line of Red Brick Dust to protect and defend one's home or place of business against the incursions of enemies or those practicing malevolent witchcraft.

Protections Against Messes & Tricks

Having black chickens in your yard will prevent anyone from being able to lay a mess, as the chickens will scratch it up!

Wear an amulet at the ankle or on the leg to protect against Foot-Track Magics.

Ritual Cleansings
House Purification
Perform a ritual house-purification to "clear away that evil mess" laid on the floor or at the doorstep,

Ritual Bath
Take a ritual bath, washing "from the head down to the toes” so you send the poison back out through the soles of the feet.

Devil’s Shoe String Root
Devil's Shoe String roots
Silver coins

These are powerful magical protections agent against direct foot-track magic.

Soaking 9 Devil's Shoe Strings with whiskey and then stabbing them into your pathway protects you from anything that has been laid down for you in that path.

If you believe that someone is trying to "poison you through your feet," tying nine Devil's Shoe Strings around your ankles will disable your enemy from working footprint magic against you.

Silver Dime Anklet
Wear a silver dime at the ankle. This serves as magical protection, as well as a warning sign against the presence of an evil powder such as Hot Foot or Goofer Dust or Crossing. The mechanism behind this is that the sulphur that is an ingredient in those powders will turn the silver black. The silver dime “kills” the poison, so this is interpreted as confirmation that someone is laying down tricks for you and as a protection.

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