Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Great Appalachian Superstitions

If hawks attack chickens, keep a poker in the fire until it is red hot; then take it out and make a young girl tell you her sweetheart's name. The hawks will vanish. (Somehow I think that by the time all this is accomplished, the hawks will already be gone and your chickens with them!)

If a rooster crows before breakfast, someone will come for supper. (If breakfast occurs before a rooster crows - IT'S TOO FUCKING EARLY! LOL)

Someone is coming if a rooster crows. He will come from the direction in which the rooster's tail points. (Seriously, if this was the case, we'd have visitors all day long!)

If a rooster crows in the kitchen, a tramp is coming. (If a rooster is in my kitchen, it's time to move out of the barn.)

The scratching of a grey chicken under the window means bad luck.

If you hear a turtle-dove call as you are going up a hill, you will have bad luck the rest of the year.

It is a sign of death if you see 2 turtle-doves in a tree.

Wild geese flying south make the initials of each state through which they pass. (Wow, seriously?! In Virginia or Vermont, yeah. LOL)

If an owl hoots, someone will die.

It brings bad luck to imitate the hoot of an owl.

Tie a knot in your dress or skirt to stop an owl's hoot.

Avert the disaster of an owl's hooting by turning an old shoe upside down.

An owl will stop hooting if you pull your shoes off and cross them.

It causes bad luck to kill a raincrow. (WTF is a "raincrow?)

If you see a redbird you will get a letter.

If a redbird comes into your house, your house will burn.

The sight of a robin means someone is coming. (Not around here, they're here all the time - and nobody comes around!)

To kill a robin will bring bad luck.

If you put salt on a sparrow's tail, you my catch it. (If you can get close enough to get the salt on it, doesn't it stand that you can fucking catch it even quicker?!)

If a whippoorwill sings in a tree near the house, a death will follow.

A black honey bee is a sign of death.

A yellow honey bee is a sign of good luck.


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